Tamara Falcó combines the Tous bag with an all-black look


If you are looking for different types of shoulder bags, then you cannot miss this style.Excellent Tamara Falco Combine the Tous package Comes in a variety of looks. What color do you keep?

It comes in a variety of shades, you can wear it on many occasions, and it always looks good wherever you go.

Trend: Tamara Falcó combined with Tous bag

We know it’s high quality because it brings a lot of style as long as it’s from a leading brand like this.

It’s him mini shoulder bag all From the La Rue collection, crafted in faux leather with a khaki Saffiano finish. Tamara Falcó takes it anywhere, so you should have it too. It has an embossed logo, as well as the option of a fixed handle and a removable and adjustable hook strap.

It showcases an interior pocket with a logo and dimensions (H x W x D): 20 x 16 x 6 cm to give you a better idea of ​​what you can carry.

three different colors

Choose your favorite one, as this shoulder bag comes in three different colors.exist Mint Green It’s all-around and is the color that’s trending right now.It is also light colored and you are wearing an all black look or jeans and matching t-shirt.

Tamara Falcó combines the Tous bag with an all-black look

while el light blue It’s really eye-catching and you’ll want a pendant of the brand’s own.

authenticity and quality

So you can see it’s an overall quality and brand authentic bag with one for each accessory Certificate of Authenticity TOUS This proves that the product is original and that the product is completely handcrafted and personalized.

That’s why they stand out as objects of superior quality and made of natural materials, they can present alterations that should not be considered defects.

where to buy (this

For your convenience, you should buy this bag directly from their online store. Its price is 89 euros and you can even pay 29.70 euros in 3 payments Bringing you greater financial comfort. You have an added advantage as free shipping is available on purchases over 49 EUR.

In addition to quartz and dolomite necklaces, silver pendants, carnelian and colorful enamel pendants, and more, you can complete your look with a Tous keychain, a beige handbag with a branded teddy bear, and many other accessories. You can now buy this bag that the country’s jets carry.


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