Tamara Falco, Carmen Sevilla’s health and Olga’s new love


New Wednesday magazine for the week featuring Tamara Falcó.This The Marquise of Grignon She announced her commitment to her boyfriend of the past two years less than a week ago, but just a day after the couple confirmed their wedding, some photos of the businessman kissing another woman at a popular Nevada festival were leaked . Some videos, initially, Oneeva Although he eventually admitted disloyalty Tamara Falco, he chose to take refuge with his family and blocked Íñigo on his social networks. These aren’t the only unanswered questions, however, but Olga Moreno’s declaration of love for her new partner and her situation. Carmen Sevilla.

Hello magazine cover. / Hello!

Magazine Hi! An exhaustive report is provided in which she breaks down all the keys to this unexpected breakup and analyzes the details of Tamara Falcó and how she navigates these complicated days, from announcing her engagement to confirming her infidelity.The publication also commented on another unexpected separation, namely ristomid and Laura Escanez, seven years after they started their relationship. However, it’s not all bad news. Hi! It has been confirmed that Maria Garcia de Jaime is pregnant with her third pregnancy, and she will be a mother again with husband Thomas Paramo. The couple are good friends with Infanta doña Elena’s daughter.Close the cover is the scoop from Gerard Peakehe enjoys a romantic getaway in Paris with his girlfriend Clara Chia, fighting with Shakira for custody of their two children.

Read magazine covers. /read

reading It also touches on the subject of separation from the Marquise of Grignon just days after announcing her engagement. In the wake of Laura Escanes and Risto’s split, the publication goes a step further, offering some images in which the influencer can be seen taking the first step of her new life One step, look for an apartment to settle in. Readings offers two other exclusives.be interviewed Chico Rivera In which the dj pledged that he renounced his father’s inheritance and another with Kiko Matamoros, who was pictured with his partner Marta Lozano from Africa and who was critical of Belém Esteban.

Weekly cover. / Week

Week The cover is an interview with Olga Moreno, in an exclusive interview, Antonio David Flores’ ex-partner is radiant, sincere, and assured she has found the man who makes her happy. The magazine also analyzed Tamara Falcó and Laura Escanes’ infamous breakup with Risto Mejide.

Carmen Sevilla
Ten Minutes magazine cover. / 10 minutes

10 minutes Presenting its cover with several surprises. In addition to the two weekly breaks, the magazine offers an scoop in which Augusto Alghero talks about the delicate situation of his mother, Carmen Sevilla As he insisted, he no longer knew him.The magazine also issued a statement Sonsol Onega Days before his show premiered.The reporter confirmed that her purpose was not to have sex with help mebut coexists with the Mediaset space in Atresmedia’s new adventure.


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