Tamara Falcó breaks up with Íñigo Onieva’s family in the Metaverse


“Friday night, he started saying ‘this could be true’. I told him ‘you know I don’t care if it’s six seconds or nanoseconds’ metaverseAs long as it’s true, it’s over. With these words, Tamara Falco explained to the media how he realized it Íñigo Onieva lied to him And he cheated on her a few weeks ago. A very striking and surprising expression used by the Marchioness has permeated society.

For those who don’t know what the term Metaverse means, it should be noted that it is a post-reality universe, a permanent and persistent multi-user environment that merges physical reality with virtual reality.Even so, Tamara didn’t want to meet her ex-boyfriend and that’s what she decided block him from accessing social networks last weekend.

Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes / Gtres event

He now repeats a procedure with his innermost circle. Carlos Falco’s daughter no longer follows her ex’s sister, Alejandra Oneevaand his mother, Carolina MorasOf the two, the latter was the only one to speak out after the relationship between her son and ex-daughter-in-law broke down: “We are very sad. Very bad, very bad,” he said as he left the house.

Tamara gave about eight others to join them unsubscribe. Maybe they are somehow related to Íñigo. The collaborator didn’t want to have any contact with her in-laws, who until recently were hers, because it would do her no good. Yet another piece of evidence that he walks the talk and doesn’t think about reconciliation. He’s already done too much damage.

Meanwhile, the other protagonist of the story appears to be devoured by Earth. Íñigo Onieva shows no signs of life, but Look has been able to only talk to your best friendsconnected to the world of the night, to know its state directly: «He is in great pain.He did not understand the influence of the media, was completely destroyed and quit the game. He was waiting for things to calm down to bet (reconciliation), but he was horrified to see Tamara’s intervention, he didn’t expect it to be this complete,” he told CNN.

The truth is that in recent days, Íñigo’s public image has been marred by his infidelity, which has left him utterly devastated and deprived of the love he defines as the woman in his life. He did not upload the content to the social network again, but he reversed his privacy by deactivating comments on his posts.

For its part, Tamara Falcó has decided to change the scene and head to Mexico with some friends. There, he’ll take part in a series of career commitments and unwind after a week of real madness.


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