Taliban suppresses Afghan pro-resistance and anti-Pakistan protests


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A few places Afghanistan Protest to support resistance to the Taliban and criticize the so-called military support Pakistan The Islamist organization led to the arrest of protesters and journalists, and there were reports of attacks by insurgents.

its about The largest public rejection sample On August 15, after the rapid offensive during the final withdrawal of the US and NATO forces ended, its fighters took control of most of the country after occupying Kabul and therefore opposed the fundamentalist formation.

exist Kabul, Hundreds of women and men They took to the streets holding flags and banners, demanding “freedom” and expressing support National Resistance Front (NRF) In the northern province of Panjshir, the day after the Taliban announced the conquest of the country’s last opposition stronghold.

However, shortly after the rebels took control of Panjshir, the NRF denied this, and Ahmed Masood, Calling for a national uprising.

In a parade in the capital, the slogan was Stop the war with Allah Akbar (Allah is great), the protesters challenged the presence of Taliban fighters.

“town Panjshir They have the right to defend themselves, and the Taliban must use peaceful means to negotiate with the leaders of the resistance,” one of the protesters told EFE.

Aerial shooting and attack

At least two witnesses who participated in one of the protests told Effie that the Taliban tried to disperse the demonstration by firing warning shots. Journalists and participants also condemned the suppression of demonstrations.

The Afghan news channel Tolo condemned one of its cameras in a statement, Wahid Ahmad, Was beaten by the Taliban while reporting the protest, and then detained for several hours until he was released.

The channel said on Twitter: “The photographer of Tolo Wahid Ahmadi has been released after being detained by the Taliban for nearly three hours. His camera, along with the video of the demonstration he reported, has been returned.”

Reporter Byce HayatThe Ariane News from the Afghan television network assured Effie that his other two companions were detained by members of the rebel organization for several hours before being released.

“Our reporter Sammy Jahsh When the Taliban reported the protests in Kabul today, his footage on the Ariane News was blocked by the Taliban. We couldn’t reach them for more than two hours before they were released by the Taliban this afternoon,” Hayat said.

In addition to arresting journalists, the protesters also condemned other arrests.

“A large number of men and women who participated in the protest were detained by the Taliban and their whereabouts are unknown,” Masuda, one of the protesters, told Effie.

Hundreds of women detained

Fazia VadatOne of the organizers of the Kabul protests assured Effie that hundreds of women were temporarily detained.

“Women detained by the Taliban have been released. The Taliban told us that they were taken to safety and were not arrested,” Vadat said, who testified that “many of our brothers and sisters were beaten.” During the protests.

Despite being suppressed, the organizers received positive information from these demonstrations, unprecedented since the insurgents took power.

He said: “Despite the violence, shootings and beatings, we were able to complete our protests and tell the world that we were not the silent people twenty years ago.”

In a statement to Effie, a Taliban spokesperson, who requested anonymity, accused the protesters of disrupting the security of the Afghan capital.

“Inciting people to oppose our system involves rebellion, and the punishment for rebels is clear,” he said.

Pakistan among the observers

The Panjshir resistance has repeatedly accused Pakistan of providing military support to the Taliban to attack the area, leading to today’s condemnation of protesters who regard the takeover by the insurgents as an invasion by Pakistan.

Salim Parwani, one of the protesters, told Efe, “Pakistan has always supported the Taliban If the Taliban want to rule Afghanistan, they should reject Pakistan’s support. “

However, Pakistan yesterday denied that it helped the Taliban militarily during the Afghan resistance movement against Panjshir: “They are completely false and speculative information,” he told Effie. Asim Iftihar.

For many years, the United States has accused Pakistan of harbouring and supporting the Taliban, while receiving billions of dollars from Washington to support the war on Afghan territory. Pakistan has always admitted that it has an influence on the Taliban, but has denied helping them.


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