Taliban occupy 18 capital cities in Afghanistan

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The Taliban proposed this Saturday 18 provincial capitals were captured Over a week in Afghanistan, after a few hours in the past Sarana will fall, The capital of Southeastern Paktika Province.

“Officials have evacuated the governor’s house, and the police headquarters and the Taliban have entered the city,” the representative of the province said. Paktika In the lower house of the National Assembly, Khalid Assad.

Sarana was handed over peacefully and No “shooting”Assad noted that government officials and security forces evacuated the city after reaching an agreement with the Taliban through tribal leaders in the area.

The Taliban also claimed to have occupied the capital: “The jihadists of the Islamic Emirate (the Taliban call themselves) entered the city of Sharana in Paktika. All The defensive checkpoint of the city was conquered“The Taliban’s top spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, revealed on Twitter.

Sarana’s downfall happened Unstoppable advance The Taliban increased their offensive in the country after the beginning of the final phase of the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan in May last year.

In the past three and a half months, the insurgents have controlled 140 regional centers, 18 provincial capitals and nearly 10 border crossings. The greatest territorial conquest in the Twenty Years’ War.

At the same time, security forces are fighting the Taliban in five of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, of which at least 172 rebels died According to the latest report issued by the Afghan Ministry of Defense, another 107 people were injured.


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