Talent agent Amber Heard says her career nearly died after alleged smear campaign


Amber Heardtalent agent Jessica Kovachevik gave pre-recorded testimony on Thursday.

Despite the fact that Hurd played Mera in “aquaman,“, which the agent called “the most successful film of all time”, her client’s career plummeted.

She accused Heard of failing to land post-blockbuster roles in an online smear campaign orchestrated by her ex-husband. Johnny Depp.

According to her agent, Heard’s role in Aquaman 2 was cut and a commercial she filmed for clothing brand TOD was cancelled.

“Obviously, Aquaman was the most important project she’s ever been a part of,” Kovachevik explained. The agent blamed negative online publicity, which was expected to lead to a torrent of filming offers, for lowering her professional prospects.

The trial will resume on Monday.

Is there a smear campaign against Heard?

Amber Heard testified that after her brief divorce from Johnny Depp, she had to “fight really hard” to keep working in Hollywood.

Heard returned on the third day of Depp’s defamation trial against her on Monday, accusing him of running a “smear campaign” to destroy her career and reputation after she obtained a domestic violence injunction against him in 2016.

Heard testified that Depp’s “complicated PR machine” conspired to label her a liar in the press, causing her to lose her acting job and beauty sponsorship.

Although Hurd eventually showed up in 2017 Justice Leaguecalling it the “biggest film opportunity” of her career at the time, she acknowledged that she had to fight for the role.

She also revealed that her role in Aquaman 2 was significantly scaled down following alleged press attacks from Depp’s crew. So at least the readings match in this case.


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