Take Guide On Deprive of Divorce by Wife in Pakistan


Deprive of Divorce by Wife in Pakistan and Maintenance:

If you are deprived of divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. For instance:  Ms. Navaid and Mr. Wasim cohabited in a flat they owned in their joint names. In August, he assaulted her, and so she moved out for divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan. For Divorce in Pakistan, U need to know the Divorce Law in Pakistan for the Females. The Divorce Procedure in Pakistan & Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan is Very simple & Easy. Here u need to Take Free Guide On Divorce Process in Pakistan & Process of Divorce in Pakistan.


She hoped there would be reconciliation, so it was not until October that she saw solicitors. They applied for legal aid (to cover the costs of going to court for an exclusion order against Wasim), but legal assistance was not granted- until February. The court then held that it was too late: exclusion orders are designed to give= temporary, emergency relief while long-term solutions are sorted out. Now that six months had passed, it would not be right to order Wasim to leave the flat in which he had a half-share, so, the injunction was refused, and Ms. Navaid would have to apply to the court for an order that the flat is sold and the proceeds split fifty/fifty.

Navaid (1984) Apart from the question of urgency or delay, the court will also look at divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan. Whose name is the property in (whether it be owned or rented)? If the property is in the sole name of the woman, she will find it much easier to obtain an order than if it is in the sole name of the husband.  If the couple is unmarried and the property is in the man’s sole name, the woman may obtain an exclusion order, but it will not be permanent.

Maintenance of Wife in Pakistan:

The court for the divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan will not permanently deprive the man of his property, so the woman can only expect three to six months of protection injunction to give the woman a chance to find somewhere else to live. This is so whether the house is owned or rented. How large is the property? Could it be divided up so that the couple could lead separate lives? Is there anywhere else for the husband (or boyfriend) to go? Has he friends or relatives he can stay with? What assaults or threats have been made to the woman or children? When was the most recent?

Are further attacks likely? If not, there is virtually no chance of the man being ordered out. Has the man since made a sincere apology and promised to behave himself in the future for divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan? If so, what are the chances of his keeping his word? Is it likely to cause mental or physical suffering to the wand and the children if the man is allowed to continue living in the same house? In short, is it impossible for her to continue living with him?  Applying on notice’ or ‘ex-partner Applications to a court are usually made after notifying the defendant of the date of the application and the type of order that the court is being asked to make.




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