Take Complete Decisions in Divorce by Wife in Pakistan


Decisions in Divorce by Wife in Pakistan and Maintenance:

To know the decisions of cases of divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. They have broadly similar powers, so it will often decide which is the more convenient. Generally, the family court is preferred for the divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan. For Divorce in Pakistan, U need to know the Divorce Law in Pakistan for the Females. The Divorce Procedure in Pakistan & Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan is Very simple & Easy. Here u need to Take Free Guide On Divorce Process in Pakistan & Process of Divorce in Pakistan.


Procedure in the magistrates’ court is very informal, and the wife could probably act for herself if she wanted to. However, this should rarely be necessary since she would probably be eligible for legal aid and have a solicitor to act for her. A disadvantage of magistrate’s courts is that the magistrates are usually part-time amateurs, and there is a lack of consistency in the de. There magistrates’ courts are not so ordinary in the county court, where experienced professional judges decide cases. But the wife may find that the decision is taken out of her hands: the legal aid will probably be for the cheaper court – the magistrates’ court.

Country Court:

In addition, the county court can make an order even if violence has not been threatened. In the magistrates’ court, an act of violence is usually a pre-condition of applying for a charge in the case of divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan. Mr. and Mrs. Sameer were unmarried; they lived in a council house with their two children. Mrs. Sameer applied to the county court (under the Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1976) for an injunction ordering Mr. Sameer to leave the marital home. There had not been any actual physical violence, although there was evidence of one incident when Mr. Sameer had pushed Mrs. Sameer onto the settee. But Mrs. Sameer said that unless Mr. Sameer left, she would leave with the children, the children would have to go into care. Held: it would grant an injunction.

Maintenance in Pakistan:

Regarding the divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan the welfare of the children was the court’s primary concern, and since Mrs. Sameer was the only person able to look after them, the court would accept the reality of the situation; she would not live with Mr. Sameer. Therefore, he would have to go. The 1976 Act allowed the court to order a spouse or cohabitee out of the home even if there had been no violence (cf. the position in the magistrate’s court). S

County Court:

Sameer (1978) one other advantage of the county court is that the magistrates are more likely to want the man to be given advance notice of the application to the court for divorce by wife in Pakistan and maintenance in Pakistan. The county court injunction if the wife (married or common-law) needs help as a matter of urgency, she should apply to the county court or divorce court for an injunction against the man. A request is a court order directing a person not to behave in a particular way; in domestic violence cases, the demand tells the husband not to molest the woman and children and not re-enter the marital home. Orders




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