Take advantage of Mango Outlet’s sales to buy this important autumn garment


The autumn is just around the corner so we start thinking about all these outerwear that we will soon be using again. One of the first garments that allows us to go from the “look” of the summer to the autumn style is without a doubt lto shirt or blouse. Therefore, we want you to take advantage of what is still left of the sale of Mango Outlet to get the best shirts that you will be able to wear this fall.

Take advantage of Mango Outlet’s sales to buy this important autumn garment

We recently saw some of important garments to return to the office thanks to Mango Outlet, but now we want to look at the wide range of shirts that have the signature lowered and that they are ideal for the best autumn “looks” that you will be able to wear from now on. In this way, do not miss any of the blouses and shirts we now present to you.

Blouse with ruffles

A nice yellow shirt with ruffle details as these are still in trend. Perfect to combine with black suit pants or even a midi skirt. It sells for 6.99 from size XS to XL.

Liquid polka dot blouse

Mango Outlet sales

The polka dot print will be a lot this fall, so if you like printed shirts, there is nothing like choosing this beautiful model. It sells for 6.99 in sizes XS and S. And in addition to black with white dots, you can also buy it in white with black dots (same price and size).

Ecru liquid blouse

sales Mango Outlet

Look at this other model. A liquid sleeveless blouse that is also presented in ecru, perfect for showing off your tan when you return to the office. A model that It is sold for 9.99 euros in sizes XS to XL.

Flowy long-sleeved blouse

sales Mango Outlet

Long-sleeved is this second shirt from the Mango Outlet sale, perfect for going to work as soon as the temperature drops. The gray color and its flowing design is perfect to combine with all trousers. Its price is € 11.99 and it is sold in sizes S and M.

Blouse with cross print

sales Mango Outlet

If you are looking for shirts that avoid the most classic patterns, there is nothing like choosing this blouse model with a crossover style at the neck. A beautiful model that also stands out for its print and fold details. It costs 14.99 euros and sold in size S.

Shirt in ruffled cotton

sales Mango Outlet

Cotton sweaters are also a good idea to combine with jeans and go to work, for example. You can choose a trend-setting one like this one with ruffles and a detailed mandarin collar. It costs 20.99 euros in size XS to L.

Satin shirt

sales Mango Outlet

Finally, a nice satin shirt model, which is presented in nude color and with a loose design, perfect that you can see combining with a gray vest, for example. It is sold for 20.99 euros in sizes XS to L.

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