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The President of Taiwan has ” confidence” Against the backdrop of growing tension between Washington and Beijing over Taipei’s role on the international stage, the United States defended its islands against China.

“Given our long-term relationship with the United States and the support of the American people, Congress, and government, I am confident.”On Tuesday, October 26, Tsai Ing-wen promised Tsai Ing-wen in an English interview CNN It will be broadcast by the channel on Wednesday.

The President of Taiwan also emphasized “Extensive cooperation with the United States aims to improve our defense capabilities”Including the U.S. military training of the Taiwan military.

In recent days, regarding the fate of this 23 million inhabitant island, arms passes between the United States and China have doubled. The island has its own government, currency, and military, but Beijing believes that one of its provinces is waiting to compete with other countries. Unite. nation.

Earlier Wednesday, US President Joe Biden pointed out that the United States is “Deeply concerned about China’s coercion and aggressive behavior (…) In the Taiwan Strait”. With the increase of Chinese air strikes near the island, tensions there have increased.

Such behavior “Threats to regional peace and stability”According to the recording of the speech obtained by Agence France-Presse, the American president added.U.S. head of foreign affairs, Antony Blinken, also urged Beijing to agree on Tuesday. “Meaningful Participation” Taipei is on the UN agency and on the international stage.

“Exclude Taiwan from undermining the important work of the United Nations and its agencies”, He insisted that his contribution to the face “Addressing unprecedented global challenges”.

The end of the “strategic ambiguity” policy

“Taiwan has no right to join the United Nations”Beijing immediately retorted through the voice of Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office.

The very delicate Taiwan issue may further damage the relationship between the United States and China, which has been at its lowest level in many years. Last week, Biden seemed to want to send a new firm message to Beijing.

When asked whether it is possible for the United States to conduct military intervention to defend Taiwan when launching an attack in China, the president answered in the affirmative: “Yes, we have a commitment in this direction”, He has already declared.

His statement seems to contradict the long-term U.S. policy, called “Strategic Ambiguity”With this, Washington helped Taiwan build and strengthen its defenses, but did not make a clear commitment to help in the event of an attack.

Joe Biden’s words were met with serious repercussions in Beijing, and the U.S. government then carefully ensured that its policy on Taiwan has not changed: the U.S. has recognized communist China since 1979, which is not good for Taiwan, but the U.S. Congress is also compelling the island at the same time. Provide weapons for defense.

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