Ukraine ignores US warnings about attacks on civilians and invasion of Crimea

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At least 55 dead and hundreds injured by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Indonesia

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At least 18 dead in clashes between dissident armed groups of the FARC in Colombia

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Bin Salman, alleged murderer of Khashoggi, at the inaugural ceremony in Qatar with Infantino

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Turkey bombs Syria: “The time has come to settle accounts for the Istanbul attack”

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Ukrainians resort to portable boilers to avoid freezing to death: “I’m not leaving here, this is my land”

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Sweden finds remains of explosives in the Nord Stream gas pipelines: “It is sabotage”

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The judicial fight of Khashoggi’s wife runs into Biden: Bin Salman is immune in the US

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Zelensky contradicts Biden: denies that Poland’s missile is Ukrainian to force NATO to act

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Xi publicly scolds Trudeau at G20 for his press leaks: “This is not appropriate”

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A sniper kills two Russian soldiers with the 2nd furthest shot in history: 2,710 meters

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Pedro Sánchez highlights Russia’s commitment not to use nuclear weapons: “Their use would be inadmissible”

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War Russia – Ukraine, live | G7 and NATO leaders to support Poland investigation before taking “further steps”

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Russia intends to force Zelenski to negotiate with the greatest offensive against its civilian infrastructures

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What does Article 5 of NATO establish that is back on the table after what happened in Poland

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Russia bombs kyiv and the anti-aircraft alert is activated throughout Ukraine

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Zelensky speaks of ‘peace throughout the territory’ while his troops already threaten Crimea by crossing the Dnipro

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Taliban Leader Orders Strict Enforcement of Sharia Law in Afghanistan

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CIA chief meets with his Russian counterpart to warn him about the use of nuclear weapons

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Zaporozhye-Melitopol, Strategies Ukraine Can Take After Occupying Kherson

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Russia ends troop withdrawal from Kherson, Ukrainian flag is already flying in Kherson

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One policeman dies, another injured in Brussels stabbing

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Putin bows his head after quitting Kherson, wiped from G20 of planned meeting between Biden and Xi

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France to welcome 234 migrants from Viking of the Seas and attack Italy

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Russia’s scorched earth strategy in Kherson: ‘Putin wants to turn it into a city of the dead’

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Iran builds hypersonic ballistic missiles capable of bypassing defenses

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