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At least 19 dead in shooting in Mexican city of Michoacn

Nineteen people were killed when gunmen burst into a clandestine rooster fight in western Mexico, prosecutors in the western state… Read More

The royal family did not inform Prince Harry about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he learned about it online, according to the report.

HOh this Prince Harry is no longer in United Kingdom after his visit together Meghan Markle visit Queen Elizabeth II… Read More

Queen Elizabeth II was heartbroken after Prince Harry wanted to leave the royal family with Meghan Markle, according to a report.

B.acc in 2020 whenPrince Harryand her newly married wife, Meghan Markleasked to be given the opportunity to leave the royal… Read More

How will Putin’s mobilization affect Russian athletes: will they go to war?

inVladimir Putin RussiaThe Russian president on Wednesday ordered a massive military mobilization to repel Ukraine's counteroffensive. About 300,000 reservists are… Read More

Police looking for two suspects after horrific knife attacks in Canada leave at least 10 dead, 15 injured

Tprovinces Saskatchewanin the center Canadayou have experienced one of the bloodiest episodes in the memory of living in the country.… Read More

Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner survives an assassination attempt after a gun was stuck in her face

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnervice president Argentinawas accidentally rescued from assassination attempt on the night of this Thursday, September 1, in… Read More

Meghan Markle compared her wedding to Nelson Mandela’s release from prison

For Meghan Marklebeing completely separated from The Royal Family meant she had to quickly start trying to sell her life… Read More

Princess Diana’s Ford Escort auctioned off 25 years after her death

Princess Diana Ford Escort sold at auction for $764,000Black Ford Escort RS Turbowhich Diana ran from August 1985 to May… Read More

Opposition politicians ask Finnish PM to take drug test after scandalous video

BUTn An unprecedented political crisis is unfolding in Finland following the leak of a scandalous video featuring the Finnish Prime… Read More

Virologist Angela Rasmussen insists that COVID-19 did indeed originate in a market in Wuhan.

TThe coronavirus pandemic has become a great shock to the whole world and quickly spread across the continents. Although it… Read More

Salman Rushdie removed from ventilator a day after attack, already talking

"satanic verses" author Salman Rushdie was taken off a ventilator and was able to speak on Saturday, the day after… Read More

Amid violence in Tijuana, US consulate urges Americans to stay away

BUTaverage Friday Violence in Tijuana City, US Consulate gave a number of recommendations to citizens who are either living or… Read More

Who’s Salman Rushdie and why was he stabbed on stage?

Salman Rushdie is an author that has been controversial in some circles over his writing, especially with Iran, from where… Read More

Could Brittney Griner be freed in a double prisoner swap between the US and Russia?

The Brittney Greener case goes on, even following her sentencing to nine years in prison in Russia last week.But there… Read More

Former US prisoner in Russia Trevor Reid predicts the future of Britney Griner: What awaits the WNBA player in prison?

Britney Griner a sentence of nine years in prison for possession of cannabis oil in Russia made headlines around the… Read More

Britney Griner’s lawyers plan to appeal the verdict of the Russian court

Britney Grineradvocate Maria Blagovolina reported that the WNBA star's team is appealing the court's decision to sentence her to nine… Read More

Nancy Pelosi Leaves Taiwan: What’s Behind US-China Tensions?

FROMHina and United States experiencing a state of tension never seen before in recent times. Visit to Taiwan Nancy PelosiSpeaker… Read More

Former Russian basketball star Becky Hammon pleads for leniency in Griner trial

Becky Hammonwho is a Russian-American basketball coach in the WNBA called on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to free… Read More

Scientists are concerned that the Earth is rotating faster than usual

TI have UK National Physical Laboratory there are new measurements that show that Earth is spinning faster than before, making… Read More

Could Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan start World War III?

Tconflict between China and USA reached a record high thanks to Nancy Pelosiwho decided to visit Taiwan with a messenger… Read More

UN Secretary General warns miscalculation could lead to nuclear annihilation

Tuewith the war in Ukrainemany warned of the possibility of imminent nuclear conflict.Russia led by Vladimir Putinhas stated several times… Read More

Viktor Bout’s lawyers are confident in the exchange for Britney Griner

Victor BoutRussia's lawyers said on Monday they were "confident" in the talks between Russia and United States about a possible… Read More

Chinese missile flying through America is out of control and will crash tomorrow

TI have Aerospace Corporation informed the public that the time window for the re-entry of an out-of-control Chinese rocket into… Read More

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky starred in a scandalous Vogue photo shoot with his wife.

TI have military conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues while this is happening The President of the country with its… Read More

Caro Quintero: the betrayal of his relatives that led to his downfall

MMexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero, who was finally jailed again in July, had previously evaded 12 attempts to capture… Read More

Putin’s strange behavior reinforces rumors about his health

Vladimir Putin waited for the President of Turkey for 50 seconds Tayyip Erdogan at their meeting in Tehran on Tuesday.… Read More

Meet Max, the Marine dog responsible for tracking down drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero.

Maximumsix year old dog and cock Mexican Marineshe is credited with tracking down a drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero on… Read More

Who is Rafael Caro Quintero? Mexican drug lord implicated in murder of DEA agent

Rafael Caro Quintero Mexican drug lord who helped create Guadalajara poster in the 80s and is held responsible for the… Read More

Mexico captures Rafael Caro Quintero, FBI’s most wanted man, could face extradition to US

BUTn an urgent message comes from Mexican governmentabout notorious drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero, he had just been arrested in… Read More

Man dies after drinking an entire bottle of Jägermeister in two minutes

THere are calls that, no matter how viral, are very dangerous.Moreover, if you add alcohol to the mixture, they can… Read More