Volodimir Zelensky

Torture chambers found in four Kherson buildings ‘and the search has just begun’

The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office has reported on Monday the discovery of torture chambers in four buildings of the liberated city… Read More

War Russia – Ukraine, live | Zelensky: “We will do everything possible so that the world accepts our peace formula”

key facts November 21, 2022 TO THE Worrying bombardments close to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in European… Read More

Sunak visits Zelensky in kyiv on his first visit since becoming UK Prime Minister

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakmet this Saturday in kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskyon his… Read More

Putin turns Crimea into a fortress: he digs trenches against the clock to define the new battlefront

"The war started in Crimea and will end in Crimea". When the Ukrainian president, Volodimir ZelenskyHe launched this promise, it… Read More

War Russia – Ukraine, live | 10 million Ukrainians without electricity after new Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure

November 18, 2022 Day 267 of war in Ukraine. Missile crisis over, even for Volodimir Zelensky, who until a few… Read More

Russia ignores the missile crisis with a new attack on Ukrainian infrastructure

Russia hits Ukraine in the only way it has left, which is by attacking the energy infrastructure. On the battlefield… Read More

War Russia – Ukraine, live | Russia accuses Zelensky of seeking a world war by pitting him against NATO

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Zelensky asks for access to the site of the explosion in Poland to prove that the missile was Russian

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskyhas requested immediate access to the place in Poland where on Tuesday hit a missile… Read More

Missiles fallen in Poland are Ukrainian: Warsaw will not invoke NATO Article 4

The Government of Poland has communicated to its NATO partners that the missiles that fell this Tuesday in the town… Read More

Dantesque images in Kharkiv after the bombing: a city when only the light of mobile phones remains

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Russia intends to force Zelenski to negotiate with the greatest offensive against its civilian infrastructures

On Monday, October 10, General Sergei Surovikin It was presented in partnership with the launch of 84 missiles on Ukrainian… Read More