Vladimir Zelensky

Kherson embraces his liberators, Zelensky warns: “2,000 unexploded mines and tripwires”

Jason cried, but he was happy.Ukrainian troops are already celebrating on the streets of the capital surrender of the city… Read More

Zaporozhye-Melitopol, Strategies Ukraine Can Take After Occupying Kherson

Although it seems russian army voluntary withdrawal On the west bank of the Dnieper, they have left the city of… Read More

Bridge linking Kherson to occupied territories collapses: Russia ends troop withdrawal

Russia has managed to evacuate all personnel from Kherson, Retreat at the "height" of the invasion: they have left the… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Ukraine still needs to clear 170,000 mines in liberated areas

November 11, 2022 arrive CS After the recapture of Kherson, morale in Ukraine remains high, but much remains to be… Read More

Russia’s scorched earth strategy in Kherson: ‘Putin wants to turn it into a city of the dead’

Kherson was again the target of the Ukrainian war and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will not allow its troops… Read More

Ukraine bows to U.S. pressure, no longer demands Putin to step down to negotiate peace with Russia

This Pressure from the Biden administration has had an impact. President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskynow softening demands to sit down… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Zelensky assures Ukraine has liberated 41 settlements in southern country

Day 264 of the Ukrainian War. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky softened slightly to sit down with Russia to negotiate end… Read More

Brussels proposes $18 billion in aid to Ukraine, but Hungary threatens to veto

This European Commission An unprecedented aid package was proposed Wednesday Ukraine It will reach 18 billion euros by 2023.The goal… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | Council of Europe parliament describes Russia as a ‘terrorist regime’

October 14, 2022 JR arrive Day 233 of the Ukrainian War. The Parliament of the Council of Europe (PACE) has… Read More

Zelensky’s Hercules Oleksi Reznikov: “I don’t know why he made me Minister of Defense, I’m a lawyer!”

Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksi Reznikovnot as threatened as the president Zelensky, but the country's service recently foiled an… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | Erdogan says his goal is to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine “as soon as possible”

October 13, 2022 JR arrive Day 232 of the Ukrainian War. United Nations General Assembly This Wednesday condemned the latest… Read More

Putin wants to win by cold: he has destroyed 30% of Ukraine’s power generation capacity

Last Saturday, October 8, full trucks Explosives blew up the Kerch Bridge, cutting off the land route linking the Crimean… Read More

Russian bombing on a market in Donetsk region kills at least seven

Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities Avdivkain the area Donetskalready left seven dead Nine people were injured, local authorities reported Wednesday,… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Russia announces arrest of eight people who attacked Crimea bridge

October 12, 2022 JR arrive Day 231 of the Ukrainian War. Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB, formerly KGB) announced today… Read More

This is how Ukraine rebuilds the damage caused by Putin missiles in 24 hours: ‘We have bit the bullet’

Putin has responded to his recent humiliation in Ukraine with the utmost force and ferocity.If this weekend Ukrainians Attack on… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | Zelensky assures Ukraine ‘will not be intimidated’ after Russian bombing

October 11, 2022 JR arrive Day 230 of the Ukrainian War. An early morning attack in Zaporozhye ended with bombs… Read More

Surovikin bombs civilians on his first day in office: it will be a war with the butcher of Aleppo

in multiple reactions A wave of shelling on Ukrainian civilian targets this weekit is worth mentioning that the French President,… Read More

Putin threatens Ukraine with ‘firm response’ after bombing of Kyiv

President of Russia, Vladimir Putinthreatened Ukraine with a "firm response" to the "terrorist attack" he accused of Kyiv, the last… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Russia destroys a new residential building in Zaporozhye: “several victims”

October 10, 2022 JR arrive Russia continues to attack Zaporozhye. Ukrainian authorities in the city confirmed that a multi-storey building… Read More

Zelensky shares photo of Russia attacking Zaporozhye: ‘Ukraine never wanted this war’

President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyhas shared this Sunday on his account Facebook The aftermath of nine pictures and a video… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | A bridge connecting Crimea and Russia catches fire

key facts October 8, 2022 SD 227 days of ukraine war. President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyguaranteed tonight in the last… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | U.S. says it’s “ready” to reach a diplomatic solution with Russia

October 7, 2022 SD 226 days of ukraine war. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Thursday that his country… Read More

Zaporzhia-Melitopol, a maneuver that could end Russia’s hopes on the southern front

Although over the past 24 hours Ukrainian forces appear to have moderated their advance in the east and south to… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | At least 5 killed in Zaporozhye attack this morning

225 days of ukraine war. At least five people were killed in the attack in the Zaporozhye region tonight. The… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Ukrainian troops advance rapidly in Russian-occupied south

key facts October 5, 2022 SD 224 days of ukraine war. armed forces Ukraine has taken control of the city… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Russian Senate approves annexation treaty for four regions of Ukraine

223 days ukraine war. The Russian Senate speaks today Tuesday to ratify the international annexation treaty signed by the Russian… Read More

Zelensky brags about Ukraine’s offensive in Kherson after humiliating Putin in Lima

The Kremlin can't control the feeling of defeat, even if Vladimir Putin Sign the merger agreement Russia from the Donetsk… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Duma today approves annexation treaties for four regions of Ukraine

October 3, 2022 arrive JR 222 days ukraine war. Vladimir Putin try to sign by on friday annexation of four… Read More

A German minister overwhelms Scholz and assures ‘Germany is at war with Putin’

In the German government, they began to lose patience with Russia. so far, Caution marked the intervention of Chancellor Olaf… Read More

Zelensky sums up Limán’s release: “It’s completely cleared, glory to Ukraine!”

"Leman City was wiped out." He celebrated with these words Vladimir Zelensky The restoration of this strategic enclave, located at… Read More