Vladimir Putin

Vladímir Putin sienta a Jair Bolsonaro a su lado para un “encuentro muy productivo” en Rusia

Noticias relacionadas El presidente de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro se ha reunido este miércoles con su homólogo ruso, Vladímir Putin. Al… Read More

Putin insiste en su discurso sobre Ucrania tras reunirse con Scholz: “Rusia no quiere guerra”

Noticias relacionadas El presidente de Rusia, Vladimir Putin, afirmó este martes que Rusia no quiere una guerra en Europa, según… Read More

Torture chambers found in four Kherson buildings ‘and the search has just begun’

The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office has reported on Monday the discovery of torture chambers in four buildings of the liberated city… Read More

Kazajistán: la lucha de poder entre Nazarbayev y Tokáyev que ha convertido el país en un polvorín

"La situación avanza hacia la estabilidad". Así ve el presidente de Kazajistán, Kasim-Yomart Tokáyev, el momento actual de su país.… Read More

La nueva Guerra Fría entre las potencias mundiales: los puntos calientes de 2022

Escribió el ensayista George Orwell en 1945 que una 'guerra fría' era "una paz que no es paz", remarcando que es… Read More

War Russia – Ukraine, live | Zelensky: “We will do everything possible so that the world accepts our peace formula”

key facts November 21, 2022 TO THE Worrying bombardments close to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in European… Read More

War Russia – Ukraine, live | 10 million Ukrainians without electricity after new Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure

November 18, 2022 Day 267 of war in Ukraine. Missile crisis over, even for Volodimir Zelensky, who until a few… Read More

Russia ignores the missile crisis with a new attack on Ukrainian infrastructure

Russia hits Ukraine in the only way it has left, which is by attacking the energy infrastructure. On the battlefield… Read More

War Russia – Ukraine, live | Russia accuses Zelensky of seeking a world war by pitting him against NATO

key facts November 17, 2022 TO THE Day 266 of war in Ukraine. The crisis over the missiles that fell… Read More

Missiles fallen in Poland are Ukrainian: Warsaw will not invoke NATO Article 4

The Government of Poland has communicated to its NATO partners that the missiles that fell this Tuesday in the town… Read More

Dantesque images in Kharkiv after the bombing: a city when only the light of mobile phones remains

Vladimir Putin does not forgive the humiliations to which the Ukrainian Army is subjecting it on the combat front and… Read More

Russia intends to force Zelenski to negotiate with the greatest offensive against its civilian infrastructures

On Monday, October 10, General Sergei Surovikin It was presented in partnership with the launch of 84 missiles on Ukrainian… Read More

Russia bombs kyiv and the anti-aircraft alert is activated throughout Ukraine

A Russian attack has generated several explosions in kyiv on Tuesday afternoon. The bombings have activated the anti-aircraft alert throughout… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | Pedro Sánchez demands before Sergey Lavrov the “immediate” Russian withdrawal from Ukraine

November 15, 2022 TO THE CS Day 264 of war in Ukraine. The G20, already underway in Bali, Indonesia, has… Read More

Zelensky speaks of ‘peace throughout the territory’ while his troops already threaten Crimea by crossing the Dnipro

With its military superiority established - probably even greater than we imagined - Ukraine now faces the great challenge of… Read More

Volodymyr Zelensky visits Kherson after his liberation: “We are ready for peace throughout the country”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas left kyiv to visit this Monday the liberated city of Kherson, where - he… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | Zelenski denounces more than 400 war crimes in Kherson with an eye on Bali

November 14, 2022 TO THE CS Day 263 of war in Ukraine. Kherson celebrates the reconquest but with caution: the… Read More

Kherson embraces his liberators, Zelensky warns: “2,000 unexploded mines and tripwires”

Jason cried, but he was happy.Ukrainian troops are already celebrating on the streets of the capital surrender of the city… Read More

Zaporozhye-Melitopol, Strategies Ukraine Can Take After Occupying Kherson

Although it seems russian army voluntary withdrawal On the west bank of the Dnieper, they have left the city of… Read More

Ukraine’s troops “already in Kherson” as Russia says withdrawal complete just two days after announcing it

Russia's military said on Friday that it had completed its withdrawal from the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, the only… Read More

Bridge linking Kherson to occupied territories collapses: Russia ends troop withdrawal

Russia has managed to evacuate all personnel from Kherson, Retreat at the "height" of the invasion: they have left the… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Ukraine still needs to clear 170,000 mines in liberated areas

November 11, 2022 arrive CS After the recapture of Kherson, morale in Ukraine remains high, but much remains to be… Read More

Putin bows his head after quitting Kherson, wiped from G20 of planned meeting between Biden and Xi

Ukrainian still vigilantbut the Russian troops withdrew from Khersonthe only provincial capital he controls, has been read as Russia loses… Read More

Russia’s scorched earth strategy in Kherson: ‘Putin wants to turn it into a city of the dead’

Kherson was again the target of the Ukrainian war and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will not allow its troops… Read More

Ukraine bows to U.S. pressure, no longer demands Putin to step down to negotiate peace with Russia

This Pressure from the Biden administration has had an impact. President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskynow softening demands to sit down… Read More

Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Zelensky assures Ukraine has liberated 41 settlements in southern country

Day 264 of the Ukrainian War. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky softened slightly to sit down with Russia to negotiate end… Read More

Putin’s new defeat in Ukraine: Russia orders troop withdrawal from Kherson

Russian army announced on Wednesday Withdrawal of troops from annexed Ukrainian city of Khersonis the only regional capital of the… Read More

Putin announces mobilization of 300,000 reservists to end in two weeks

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said on Friday, mobilization part of The decree issued on September 21 last year will… Read More

Russia-Ukraine war, live | Council of Europe parliament describes Russia as a ‘terrorist regime’

October 14, 2022 JR arrive Day 233 of the Ukrainian War. The Parliament of the Council of Europe (PACE) has… Read More

Zelensky’s Hercules Oleksi Reznikov: “I don’t know why he made me Minister of Defense, I’m a lawyer!”

Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksi Reznikovnot as threatened as the president Zelensky, but the country's service recently foiled an… Read More