Putin blames EU for energy crisis as tensions escalate over Polish pipeline leak

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European leaders gather in Prague to stage Russia’s “isolation”

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German and Dutch blockades prevent EU from setting maximum price for imported gas

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France changes its mind no longer excludes MidCat: it will negotiate its long-term viability with Spain

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Brussels approves more sanctions on Kremlin affecting oil and cutting-edge technology

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EU delays embargo on Russian coal until August, excludes oil and gas

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Power outage in Puerto Rico: Fire at one factory knocks out power across country

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EU to study energy embargo and set up war court for Putin after Butcha massacre

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Germany activates ‘warning’ amid risk of cutting off Russian gas supplies

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Putin will ask ‘unfriendly’ countries to buy Russian gas in rubles

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EU ‘structural shift’ due to Putin’s war: Towards military and energy independence

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Russia bombs strategic areas of Ukraine: airfields, powder depots and hundreds of infrastructure

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