19/6: Desse, Mester, Kendi

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Health officials warn that a severe flu season is approaching, urging vaccination

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Neil Young quit Spotify over vaccine misinformation

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Dozens of detainees end in riots at anti-vaccine march in Brussels

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France’s approval of vaccine passports complicates lives of unvaccinated

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The anti-vaccination conspiracy in 2021: this is how they vaccinated their fear of the Covid vaccine

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Morocco bans New Year’s Eve parties and will close borders until January 31

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During the omicron outbreak, Spain was at the end of the European Union in strengthening dose management

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Germany disbands the anti-vaccine organization that plans to assassinate the chief minister of Saxony

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Due to the “catastrophic situation” in Europe, Morocco has extended its border closure “indefinitely”

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Brussels calls for a large-scale intensified dose campaign within the EU to counter omicron

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The EU proposes that Covid passports expire in six months for mandatory re-vaccination

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Miguel Bose on his parents: “This type of people is cursed”

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“Removing Franco from the grave was a Masonic ritual, like Chavez with Bolivar.”

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Anti-vaccine and Maori, angry at the use of traditional haka in denial

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Protest against fascism in the streets of Rome: “Defend the Constitution and Democracy”

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