NATO warns: Russian fighters have “dangerously” flown over Alliance ships

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Zelensky contradicts Biden: denies that Poland’s missile is Ukrainian to force NATO to act

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NATO says that Russia is ultimately responsible for the incident in Poland for starting the war

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A ‘missing’ Russian missile or a Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense missile: doubts about the explosion in Poland

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Two Russian missiles kill two in Poland, a NATO territory, near Ukraine

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Spain moves away from anti-missile shield pushed by Germany, 14 other countries in NATO

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NATO needs to ‘increase arms production’ to support Ukraine long-term

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Double-capacity fighter jets and 340 TNT B61 bombs: nuclear exercises NATO is preparing for

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NATO all-in-one, it will conduct nuclear exercises and support Ukraine ‘as long as needed’

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NATO to hold nuclear drills after Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons

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EU and NATO accuse Putin of ‘war crimes’, will step up military support for Ukraine

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Former CIA chief warns Putin if he uses nukes: ‘We will destroy his troops and fleet. Everything’

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Putin challenges the West again: NATO warns of nuclear submarine mobilization

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Zelensky responds to Putin: Ukraine formally asks to join NATO quickly

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CBS Evening News, 29 September 2022

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Kuleba asks Albarez “Spain to increase defense spending because Ukraine needs weapons to win”

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Italy strikes deal to calm EU: Draghi backs Meloni in exchange for pro-Europe pledges

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NATO warns Putin of ‘unprecedented consequences’ if he uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

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Finland and Sweden will join NATO in June, according to The Times

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Sweden and Finland are considering joining NATO, Russia threatens to ‘rebalance’ the situation

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NATO agrees to double arms shipments to Ukraine in response to protracted war

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NATO warns Russia is preparing ‘major offensive’ to seize Donbas region

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NATO warns Putin to lie about Kyiv withdrawal and prepare for new attack

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Biden warns U.S. will respond if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine

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NATO agrees to launch defenses against possible chemical or nuclear attack from Russia

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Three meetings a day: NATO, G7 and EU unite against Putin in Brussels

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NATO warns Kremlin: ‘Russia must understand it can never win a nuclear war’

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EU approves Borrell’s plan to create a rapid deployment force of 5,000 soldiers

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