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Danny Carey 'Tool': Why was the drummer arrested at Kansas City airport?

Tool drummer Danny Carey was arrested after an incident at the Kansas City International Airport Sunday, December 12.Airport police received… Read More

Adam Levine’s former yoga teacher goes further: ‘He treated me like trash’

AS WELL AScome if Adam Levine didn't physically cheat on his wife with all these women coming forward, that's already… Read More

Shakira stopped filming a video to help a journalist beaten by police

BUT caused a big stir Shakira temporarily stop in the middle of filming the video for the next single"monotone"together with… Read More

Britney Spears again ridiculed Christina Aguilera and accused of fatphobia

SingerBritney Spears caused a lot of criticism after the post in which she talked about the body Christina Aguilerahinting that… Read More

PnB Rock rapper said ‘LA outlaws are brave’ days before he was shot in a robbery

ORA week before his death, the PnB Rock rapper told DJ Akademiks that the criminals in Los Angeles were "brave"… Read More

DC Comics drops bomb and reveals Joker’s real name

ORone of the biggest secrets in the world DC comics has been revealed as one of its most iconic characters,… Read More

Tommy Lee pulls down his pants and walks around the stadium to talk about his new sex business.

Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee never shy of the camera, showing his private parts, as you can see in his… Read More

South Korea may conduct a survey on the military service of BTS members

South Korea may conduct a public poll to determine whether members of a K-pop boy band should be exempted from… Read More

Billie Eilish absent from VMAs despite receiving award: why didn’t she show up?

Billie Eilish was among those A-list celebrities who went missing Sunday night MTV Music Video Awards (VMA) ceremony but the… Read More

Johnny Depp’s ‘Unearthly’ Appearance at the Controversial MTV Video Music Awards

Heyit's no secret that MTV Video Music Awards this is an event that usually causes controversy not only about the… Read More

Bad Bunny kisses a male dancer as he made VMA history by winning this award

Regaton artist bad rabbit made MTV Music Video Awards (VMA) story on Sunday night, becoming the first non-English speaking group… Read More

Naomi Judd’s autopsy reveals tragic details of her death

BUTn autopsy report of deceased country singer Naomi Judd It was obtained Friday by The Associated Press, confirming what family… Read More

Rolling Stone criticized for calling Harry Styles the ‘new king of pop’

TI haveKing of pop music'nickname was given Michael Jackson for a long time, it has been so for many decades,… Read More

Bad Bunny: How much money does he make every time he goes on stage?

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasiobetter known as bad rabbit, born March 10, 1994 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. From a very… Read More

Beyoncé’s new sexy, daring and viral outfit that impressed Zendaya and Bella Hadid

beyoncé never ceases to amaze as her stunning looks continue to captivate even those who are fashion savvy.As a result,… Read More

Dr. Dre had no idea his life was in danger when he suffered a brain aneurysm in 2021.

Din January 2021, rapper Dr Dre was reportedly rushed to Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after suffering brain aneurysm.… Read More

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back in Georgia to tie the knot.

Jennifer Lopez as well as Ben Affleck were seen in Georgia the day before their three day wedding celebration in… Read More

Adele’s fortune: who are her neighbors in her luxurious Beverly Hills mansion?

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Selena Gomez and Tyga spotted ‘after hours’

Taiga as well as Selena Gomez seems to hang out, spend time together in a popular hangout until the early… Read More

Prosecutors say the jury will be shown a video of R. Kelly allegedly having sex with a minor.

R. Kelly returned to the federal courtroom in Chicago, now he is charged with seducing girls for sex, producing child… Read More

Metallica frontman James Hetfield files for divorce, only memories remain

JJames Hetfield and his wife Francesca Hatfield are divorcing after James filed for divorce in Colorado earlier this year, but… Read More

Jennette McCurdy reveals why she was jealous of Ariana Grande

Jennette McCurdy releases it all through her new "I'm glad my mother died', she had made revelation after revelation since… Read More

Shawn Mendes enjoys life with friends after tour cancellation: ‘I’m in treatment’

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Justin Bieber goes viral after sharing surprise message about racism

Celebrities offering their voice in relation to social struggles is extremely common nowadays as they have a platform to make… Read More

According to her niece, Olivia Newton-John suffered greatly in the last days of her life.

Olivia Newton-John "struggles with a lot of pain," according to her niece Totti GoldsmithSo her passing "didn't come as a… Read More

Olivia Newton-John: The Ultimate List of Her Top 10 Songs

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Olivia Newton-John: What is her net worth after death?

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Olivia Newton-John dies of breast cancer at age 73

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Madonna Biopic: The Secret Why She Only Uses Women in Filming

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Kevin Federline Claims Britney Spears’ Sons Don’t Want To See Her And She Responds

Britney SpearsTheir teenage sons avoided the stars for months, according to their father. Kevin Federlinewho was married to spears For… Read More