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Child actor from the movie Jaws becomes a police chief

Nearly five decades after he was part of the cast of the movie "Jaws," Jonathan Searle became the chief of… Read More

Box Office hits 2021: Who took the prize of the most profitable movie this year?

Out of all the box office hits of 2021, there is no doubt that Marvel Studios are the ones who… Read More

'Matrix Resurrection' bad reviews: Why is the new Matrix sequel so criticized?

The wait for many fans of the Matrix saga ended this December 2021 with the release of 'Matrix Resurrection', the… Read More

Tom Hardy is still competing in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, this time he won the gold medal.

Yesafter his last performance at an amateur jiu-jitsu tournament where he won two medals, Tom Hardy tormented them like a… Read More

James Cameron says the new 4K HDR remastered version of Avatar will improve the 3D experience.

James Cameron directed two of the three highest-grossing films in history "Avatar" as well as "Titanic" so his contribution is… Read More

Ezra Miller’s messiah complex made them insult an ex-girlfriend who spoke out

Jyou last Monday Vanity Fair published an extensive article on many of Ezra Miller's exploits.. They are accused of having… Read More

Former pornographic actress Lana Rhodes claims she is asexual and believes adult films should be banned.

lana rhodes is one of the hottest names in the adult film industry, even now in 2022, and the actress… Read More

Canelo Alvarez to make his big screen debut in Creed III

For several years Saul Canelo Alvarez gained international fame after his good results in the ring allowed him to win… Read More

DC Comics drops bomb and reveals Joker’s real name

ORone of the biggest secrets in the world DC comics has been revealed as one of its most iconic characters,… Read More

Susan Sarandon came out as bisexual on Jimmy Fallon Show

Susan Sarandon is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood and, like everyone movies stars around the performer over… Read More

Harrison Ford and Ke Hai Kuan meet again: 38 years after Indiana Jones

Heyit was a long time ago Harrison Ford as well as Ke Hai Quan saw each other. In 1984, when… Read More

Stallone and Schwarzenegger: how did they become friends through a bitter rivalry?

YesIlvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of Hollywood's most famous actors even today.The two starred in huge blockbusters, most… Read More

The Complete History of Harry Styles allegedly spat in Chris Pine’s lap amid a scandalous affair with Olivia Wilde.

BUT A video with the star of the series "Don't Worry, Darling" has hit the Web. Harry Styles spit something… Read More

Harry Potter’s Alexa-like wand that can control lights and appliances

YesSeptember arrived, and with it the annual disappointment of not getting Hogwarts letter. Hundreds of thousands of letters were not… Read More

Actress Denise Richards after trying Only fans: I show my breasts and vagina, sometimes you have to go a little further…

HeyIt's been three months since the actress Denise Richards plunged into the world only fanswhere her daughter had already begun… Read More

Leonardo DiCaprio walks away from Camila Morrone and parties at an exclusive nightclub

lEonardo DiCaprio wastes no time walking away from Camila Morroneas the actor was spotted at the exclusive The Ned NoMad… Read More

Alec Baldwin returns to acting a year after the Rust shooting that killed Halina Hutchins.

Hat the beginning of the year after the fatal shooting on the set of Rust, it seems alec baldwin is… Read More

South African actress Charlbi Dean has died at the age of 32 in New York City.

South African actress and model Charlbi Dean has died at the age of 32. Last Monday, August 29, 2022 from… Read More

‘I don’t care about my career anymore’: actor Rob Schneider is a supporter of Trump

Rob Schneider was registered democratic (from 1984 to 2013), then joined republican party from (2013 to 2017), and now "independent",… Read More

Paige Spiranac has fans excited by copying Julie Bowen’s lingerie and beer pose from Lucky Gilmore.

Fafter her rather impassioned comments about the state of competitive golf amid the ongoing war between LIV Golf and the… Read More

‘Tasteless’ internet joke featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman goes viral and infuriates people

TI have National Cinematheque, Mexico's national film repository, is known as one of the country's national treasures. Founded in 1974,… Read More

Details of Ezra Miller’s meeting with the WB to save The Flash have been revealed

BUTsa well done computer scientists themselves, it's hard not to imagine Ezra Miller feeling offended knowing that his character is… Read More

Arnold Schwarzenegger applauded for replying to depressed internet user

BUTArnold Schwarzenegger has been praised for giving advice to a Reddit user suffering from depression.User "Predator" stated that he has… Read More

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back in Georgia to tie the knot.

Jennifer Lopez as well as Ben Affleck were seen in Georgia the day before their three day wedding celebration in… Read More

Tom Holland and the reason he deleted his social media accounts

Tom Holland continues to make headlines despite not being involved in any recent projects. Convinced that he was going to… Read More

Brad Pitt blacklists actors he refuses to work with

Brad Pitt now very selective in the actors with whom he works. Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson actually revealed that the 58-year-old… Read More

Ezra Miller shows up with a mustache at his mother’s farm as the WB rethinks its future

TI have a whole Ezra Miller The situation has the whole world waiting for another shoe to fall, but nothing… Read More

The image of Johnny Depp as King Louis XV is featured in the Netflix teaser for Jeanne DuBarry.

Tuehy Not Productions decided to abandon the new image Johnny Depp will be a sports ace King Louis XV in… Read More

Anne Heche posed for a photo with a fan just minutes before the horrific accident.

Just 21 minutes before her accidentwhich led to her falling into a coma, Anne Heche was photographed with a smile… Read More

Olivia Newton-John: What is her net worth after death?

Olivia Newton-John dominated the silver screen, the Billboard charts, and has been involved in prominent humanitarian work throughout her career.… Read More