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The royal family did not inform Prince Harry about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he learned about it online, according to the report.

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Impressive satellite images of the Queen’s funeral procession

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Little spider spotted on the Queen’s coffin has gone viral

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What did King Charles III write in his touching note left on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II?

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Former employee says Camilla Parker Bowles is the ‘real boss’ in the UK

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King Charles’ cortege arrives at Buckingham Palace ahead of the Queen’s funeral

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This is Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla: do they look alike?

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King Charles III allowed Prince Harry to wear a military uniform to the vigil of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not invited to the Queen’s pre-funeral event.

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King Charles III greets world leaders at Buckingham Palace after the Queen’s death

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Here’s a look at some of King Charles III’s eccentric daily demands on his staff.

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Charles III is officially proclaimed king two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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