El año en que el poderío de EEUU entró en declive: de la toma del Capitolio a la salida de Afganistán

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Baby lost at Kabul airport reunited with family after five months

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Taliban Regime 2.0: Islamists regain power in Afghanistan stronger than ever

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At least 15 people were killed and more than 30 were injured in the bombing attack on the First Military Hospital in Kabul

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Stay in Afghanistan: Two months after the fall of Kabul, the Taliban intensified terror

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Kabul Airport is ready to operate international flights after the Taliban takes over

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The Taliban abolished the Women’s Department and replaced it with the Deputy Prevention Department

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U.S. admits to killing 10 civilians “wrongly” in a drone attack in Kabul

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Kabul Airport operates again: the first Iranian plane lands after the arrival of the Taliban

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The emirate of Qatar is a key participant in the “new normal” of the Taliban in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan resumes international flights: first plane leaves Kabul Airport

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Honor of Panhill

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The Taliban announce their new government: a terrorist president, no women

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Taliban suppresses Afghan pro-resistance and anti-Pakistan protests

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The United States, Turkey and Qatar strive to “control” and “protect” Kabul Airport without the Taliban

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Back to university in Afghanistan: women and men are separated by a curtain

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The Taliban claimed to “conquer” Panjshir, but the resistance group denied: “This is wrong.”

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Taliban in power for three weeks: no government in humanitarian crisis

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The Taliban stepped up their offensive against Panshir, this is the only province they can’t control

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Qatar announces partial reopening of Kabul Airport for humanitarian flights

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Afghan women protest in Kabul: demand the presence of the Taliban government and demand their rights

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The dilemma of Central Asia: optimistic about the Taliban but afraid of the domino effect of Islamism

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Biden’s short-term information makes the United States subject to the fate of fighting terrorism

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“Pineapple Express”, the lost honor of the United States

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Biden’s panic in Afghanistan has reignited the debate of more than 5,000 EU troops

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What happens when the United States leaves Afghanistan now?Four key questions

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The resolution passed by the United Nations on Afghanistan failed to reach agreement and was disappointing

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Chris Donahue, the last American soldier to leave Afghanistan

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The day before the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, there were multiple explosions near Kabul Airport

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“Pineapple Express”: The US Veterans Action has rescued more than 500 Afghans from the Taliban

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