A man arrested in France for kidnapping and murdering a 14-year-old Spanish minor

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Crisis between Italy and France over migrant boat: Meloni’s ‘radical reaction’ against Macron

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France to welcome 234 migrants from Viking of the Seas and attack Italy

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An insane court trying to justify a mother killing her daughter

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France forces opening of two refineries to tackle fuel shortages at filling stations

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Severe European winter: London prepares for 3-hour power outage, Paris to turn off heaters

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France changes its mind no longer excludes MidCat: it will negotiate its long-term viability with Spain

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Netflix film idealizing violence in suburban France

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A Movie Arconada Wouldn’t Recommend to Even His Worst Enemy

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Left-wing Mélenchon voters, the cake for Macron and Le Pen

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Brussels warns of rising Ole Pen fears

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Why Marine Le Pen can win second round within two weeks of losing in 2017

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Socialism and French centre-right demand Macron vote ‘out of responsibility’

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Le Pen ‘normalized’ with Zemour rivalry, Macron more rival than ever

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Bomb threat on the altar of Toulouse Cathedral: it did not activate the system

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Melenchon, a populist on the radical left, wants to avoid a duel between Macron and Le Pen

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Pécresse, the failure of a French candidate who wanted to canvass the far-right

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French presidential candidate Russell pro-nuclear

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Anne Hidalgo, Sanchez and French Socialist favorite, ‘On the way to the cemetery’

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The war makes Macron more popular in presidential election against pro-Putin populists

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France is ready

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They smashed the egg on the head of French super-candidate Eric Zemour during their performance

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Lessons from Franco-Spanish History: Paintings, Dolphins and Princesses

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France intercepts a Russian cargo ship in English Channel to impose EU sanctions

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EU no longer rules out ‘nuclear option’ to expel Russia from SWIFT payments system

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France and its allies announce coordinated troop withdrawal from Mali

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Pyrenees explosion kills at least seven, including a baby and a child

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France to remove face masks in establishments requiring Covid passports

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Emmanuel Macron refuses to let the Kremlin PCR him: A theory on giant tables and DNA

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Key accused in Bataclan attack confirms his decision not to detonate his belt

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