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Heger, Prime Minister of Slovakia: “We know Putin. If Ukraine falls, we go after”

Edward Heger (Bratislava, 1976) is seen as one of the emerging leaders in the family of the European center right.… Read More

EU and UK close to a deal on Gibraltar with Frontex as the final stumbling block

It has taken almost two years of dialogue in which 10 negotiating rounds have already been held, in one of… Read More

Brussels turns up the pressure to admit Bulgaria and Romania into Schengen after 10 years of waiting

"The wait has been long, I should say too long.. And the expectations are high, rightly so, on the part… Read More

NATO and the EU, on high alert after falling missiles on their territory: Poland activates its troops

The fall of supposedly Russian missiles in Poland, a NATO territory, with two fatalities, has put the European Union and… Read More

Borrell defends the joint purchase of arms in the EU: “This is how we avoid wasting money”

"We are going to increase our advocacy effortsbut to do it in a lighter way and avoid wasting moneywe have… Read More

The struggle between Meloni and Macron reopens the divisions in the European Union over migration

The struggle between the centrist government of Emmanuel Macron and the new radical right Executive of Giorgia Meloni on account… Read More

Borrell estimates EU military aid to Ukraine at 8,000 million, 45% from the United States

The head of EU diplomacy is annoyed that it is said that it is The United States bears the entire… Read More

Brussels proposes $18 billion in aid to Ukraine, but Hungary threatens to veto

This European Commission An unprecedented aid package was proposed Wednesday Ukraine It will reach 18 billion euros by 2023.The goal… Read More

Borrell warns Putin that his army will be ‘annihilated’ if he uses nukes on Ukraine

related news The leaders of the EU, US and NATO have so far warned Vladimir Putin If it uses nuclear… Read More

Brussels proposes granting candidacy status to Bosnia and Herzegovina

related news After a six-year wait, Brussels proposed this Wednesday to grant Bosnia Herzegovina Candidate country status for EU membership.… Read More

Borrell scolded his diplomats: ‘I learned more about what’s going on by reading the media, not your report’

related news This Ambassador meeting (held regularly in each country) are social events, greet colleagues in person you hardly see… Read More

EU and NATO accuse Putin of ‘war crimes’, will step up military support for Ukraine

related news EU and NATO accuse Vladimir Putin Indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets this week commits 'war crime' in Kyiv… Read More

European leaders gather in Prague to stage Russia’s “isolation”

related news "The entire European continent is here, except for two countries: Belarus and Russia. This shows how isolated they… Read More

Truss and Erdogan join European Political Community, the continent’s new security forum

related news The city of Prague will hold its official opening this Thursday European political community. A platform for political… Read More

German and Dutch blockades prevent EU from setting maximum price for imported gas

"We can't stop here. We are in an energy war with Russia, winter is coming, we must act now.I hope… Read More

EU recognizes Ukraine’s ‘legitimate right’ to reclaim territory stolen by Russia

related news EU recognition "legal rights" ukraine recovery territory annexed by russia and pledged to support Volodímir Zelenski's government to… Read More

EU will make entry difficult for Russian defectors recruited by Putin

related news EU closes door to Russian deserters fleeing partial mobilization enacted by Russian government Vladimir Putin for the Ukrainian… Read More

Kuleba asks Albarez “Spain to increase defense spending because Ukraine needs weapons to win”

The 4th La Toja-Vínculo Atlántico Forum held its inaugural session, focusing on Russia invades Ukrainea special public debate took place… Read More

Brussels approves more sanctions on Kremlin affecting oil and cutting-edge technology

related news "Russia has escalated its invasion of Ukraine to a new level. We are determined to do it The… Read More

Italy strikes deal to calm EU: Draghi backs Meloni in exchange for pro-Europe pledges

Two days after far-right victory in Italian elections, Georgia Melloni and Mario Draghi would have struck a deal to get… Read More

Victory by Giorgia Meloni strengthens hard rights of Poland and Hungary in EU

"We'll see (what happens). If things are going in a bad direction -I already talked about Hungary and Poland- we… Read More

EU trusts Putin’s internal front in Russia: ‘It’s not in danger of falling, but it’s in trouble’

speech Vladimir Putin last wednesday morning Shocked Brussels, and probably satisfied in equal measure.Ukrainian journalist summed it up well Anna… Read More

EU reluctantly prepares for turbulent relationship with super Giorgia Meloni’s Italy

related news "This is not the first time we have faced a government with an extremist movement, whether it be… Read More

Borrell: “Putin’s nuclear threat will not weaken our military support for Ukraine”

related news At an emergency meeting in New York this morning, twenty-seven foreign ministers agreed Increase arms supply to Ukraine… Read More

EU sees ‘desperation’ in Putin’s statement, will back Ukraine despite nuclear threat

related news EU thinks "despair" in the announcement Vladimir Putin It will mobilize 300,000 reservists for the war and make… Read More

EU doubles back on Ukraine in the face of looming Kremlin offensive in the east

related news EU foreign ministers agreed on Monday Double financial support for the Kyiv government, especially military support Given the… Read More

Von der Leyen and Borrell arrive in Kyiv: EU will provide another 500 million military aid to Ukraine

related news EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Joseph BorrellAnnounced this Friday from Kyiv The EU will allocate other 500… Read More

EU delays embargo on Russian coal until August, excludes oil and gas

related news EU governments ratified this Thursday after two days of intense debate Fifth round of sanctions on Kremlin over… Read More

European Parliament calls for ‘comprehensive and immediate’ embargo on Russian oil and gas

related news The European Parliament has joined growing pressure to impose a total energy embargo on the Kremlin after the… Read More

Orban distances from EU, promises he’s willing to buy Russian gas for rubles

related news overwhelming majority victory in last Sunday's election Have confidence Victor Orban in its pulse with the European Union.… Read More