Donald Trump

El asalto al Capitolio persigue a Trump: las claves de su abrupto silencio en el aniversario

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Twitter restores Donald Trump’s account after the poll promoted by Elon Musk

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Without Ivanka and without the support of ‘his’ media: Trump launches himself for the White House more alone than ever

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Trump announces his candidacy for the White House “to restore his greatness and glory to America”

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New defeat for Donald Trump, who today announces his candidacy: his ‘vice’ Kari Lake loses Arizona

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Democrats win Nevada seat, maintain U.S. Senate majority

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Trump filed the lawsuit to avoid the committee’s Jan. 6 subpoena

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Up in the US Congress: Senate to decide in December

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10/13: Red and Blue

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‘Trump incites it’, unpublished video of Nancy Pelosi commanding Capitol defense at 6-E

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Jan. 6 Committee: Trump Rushed Withdrawal From Afghanistan Knowing He Lost Election

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The Secret Service, other agencies knew of the potential for violence on January 6 in advance

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CBS Evening News, October 13, 2022

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On Jan. 6, the committee voted to subpoena Trump in a hearing that showed new video from the day of the raid

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The Supreme Court rejected Trump’s request to intervene in the Mar-a-Lago case

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Select committee votes Jan. 6 to subpoena Trump to testify, documents related to Capitol attack

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Trump has a ‘premeditated plan’ to declare himself the winner of the election if he loses

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January 6 The House has its last scheduled public hearing today

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Trump orders boxes of classified documents removed from his home after government orders

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Alex Jones ordered to pay $965 million for calling school shooting a ‘farce’

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Borrell scolded his diplomats: ‘I learned more about what’s going on by reading the media, not your report’

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