Directores de colegios de Italia piden no abrir hasta finales de enero por el avance de ómicron

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Sin carne y productos frescos: los supermercados australianos, mermados por la Covid

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El año que acabará con la Covid, no con sus secuelas: 2022, nueva normalidad, nuevos problemas

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Triste Navidad en Europa: el continente, doblegado por las restricciones de ómicron

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Boris Johnson pide perdón por la fiesta de Navidad de Downing Street en pleno confinamiento

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US evacuates its non-essential personnel in Shanghai and asks to ‘reconsider travel to China’ due to Covid-19

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Russian ultranationalist leader Zhirinovsky, who proposed bombing Europe on New Year’s Eve, dies

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Boris Johnson announces that people infected with Covid-19 should not be quarantined from Thursday

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Mohammed VI writes to his ‘friend’ King Felipe VI for Covid-19: ‘I wish you well’

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Emmanuel Macron refuses to let the Kremlin PCR him: A theory on giant tables and DNA

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England to lift Covid-19 quarantine at the end of February

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After ‘Partygate’ setback, Johnson reshuffles cabinet to restore initiative

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Boris Johnson blocks parliament’s party door but not Scotland Yard: 70 witnesses and 300 photos

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UK government points out Boris Johnson’s ‘leadership blunder’ for Downing Street party

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UK police delay release of report on controversial Downing Street party

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Morocco to reopen borders and airspace from 7 February

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A Conservative deputy goes to Labour to run Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson walks a tightrope: His party debates a condemnation motion to oust him

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Czech anti-vaccine singer Hana Horka dies of Covid: she caught it on purpose

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Portugal investigates death of child over possible reaction to Covid-19 vaccine

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Boris Johnson and Downing Street parties: ‘No one warned me it was against the rules’

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France’s approval of vaccine passports complicates lives of unvaccinated

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Johnson tries to quell ‘Partygate’ controversy: He will ban alcohol and change staff

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Austria to implement mandatory vaccines on February 1: fines up to 3,600 euros

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Thirty thousand protest in Vienna against mandatory vaccines and pandemic management

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U.S. Supreme Court overturns Biden’s order to force private companies to vaccinate

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Boris Johnson in eye of hurricane: Downing Street is a party, he says he ‘doesn’t know’

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Johnson doesn’t resign, apologises for those in lockdown: ‘I thought they were work meetings’

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Over 100 people and lots of alcohol: Boris Johnson’s Downing Street party in lockdown

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Fines for unvaccinated: Draghi tightens coronavirus restrictions to free ICU

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