Coronavirus disease

China restricts a city of 9 million inhabitants after 526 Covid cases

related news China announces total lockdown on Friday Changchunin the northeast of the country, amid an increase in coronavirus cases… Read More

Boris Johnson announces that people infected with Covid-19 should not be quarantined from Thursday

People infected with Covid-19 will no longer be forced to isolate themselves in U.K Beginning next Thursday, February 24, the… Read More

Photos That Make Johnson Evidence Again: Champagne, Hawaiian Necklaces, and Days of Pandemic

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England to lift Covid-19 quarantine at the end of February

related news The UK government plans to lift existing rules that mandate self-isolation for people infected with Covid-19 in England… Read More

Johnson, against the ropes: 15 ‘Conservatives’ question his leadership and demand internal motion

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$100M podcaster Joe Rogan ‘infected’ Spotify with anti-vaccine theory

Monday, January 24, legendary rocker Neil Young broke out in a public statement. "Neither Joe Rogan nor me, we don't… Read More

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tests positive for coronavirus despite receiving booster dose

related news Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeaurevealed on Monday that he had signed Coronavirus diseaseas indicated by the positive… Read More

UK government points out Boris Johnson’s ‘leadership blunder’ for Downing Street party

related news Report prepared by the UK government party hold Boris Johnson In Downing Street during the pandemic, he assured… Read More

Morocco to reopen borders and airspace from 7 February

Moroccan authorities on Thursday announced the reopening of borders and the resumption of flights to and from the country, From… Read More

Dozens of detainees end in riots at anti-vaccine march in Brussels

related news Dozens of people ended up in custody, some of whom had to be taken to hospital after a… Read More

WHO confirms end of European pandemic is ‘reasonable’ after overcoming ohmic waves

related news Director of the European Department of the World Health Organization, Hans Kruger, There has been optimism this Sunday… Read More

Portugal investigates death of child over possible reaction to Covid-19 vaccine

related news This Portuguese National Medicines Agency, Infarmed launches investigation to clarify whether children under 6 may have died as… Read More

Another Downing Street party exposed, Johnson apologises: ‘I wish I didn’t’

The Downing Street party scandal continues to grow. On Monday, the British "Mirror" reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson… Read More

Thirty thousand protest in Vienna against mandatory vaccines and pandemic management

related news Tens of thousands, close at hand Police say 30,000, showed opposition in Vienna this Saturday Mandatory anti-coronavirus vaccine… Read More

Downing Street hosts two balls and receptions ahead of Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

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40% of French teachers strike to protest Covid deal

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Boris Johnson in eye of hurricane: Downing Street is a party, he says he ‘doesn’t know’

With charisma, his strengths, and a few months after successfully winning the election, the prime minister went from denying the… Read More

López Obrador tests positive (again) after press conference without mask: ‘I think it’s the flu’

related news President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), 68, announced he had tested positive Coronavirus disease, for the… Read More

Draghi warns coronavirus problems are largely due to unvaccinated

related news Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, today defending the government's unity in the management of the pandemic, despite… Read More

Brigitte Bardot Anti-vaccine: The French Muse has not been vaccinated “Allergic to Chemicals”

related news This French actress Brigitte Bardot On Thursday, he once again became the focus of controversy. He previously stated… Read More

The Bogdanov brothers, France’s most famous twin, died of the new coronavirus and were not vaccinated

related news brother BogdanovFrance's most famous twins, known for launching the country's first science fiction television show, died six days… Read More

The U.S. suffers from omicron and reports more than one million Covid infections

related news we More than 1 million new Covid-19 cases were registered on Monday, Records since the beginning of the… Read More

The U.S. suffers from omicron and reports more than one million Covid infections

related news we More than 1 million new Covid-19 cases were registered on Monday, Records since the beginning of the… Read More

Anti-vaccine violence intensifies: Police crack down on protesters with dogs in Amsterdam

related news More than 2000 people They demonstrated in Amsterdam this Sunday against the restrictions imposed by the Dutch governmentThe… Read More

Israel announces fourth dose of vaccine for people over 60 and health workers

related news Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, Announced at a press conference this Sunday that it will start targeting… Read More

The anti-vaccination conspiracy in 2021: this is how they vaccinated their fear of the Covid vaccine

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Ómicron bitter grapes to half the world: from Tokyo to Paris, except Madrid and New York

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WHO failed to achieve the global vaccination target of 40% of the population this year

related news The goal of vaccinating 40% of the world’s population with the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of 2021,… Read More

143 countries reported cases on Christmas Day, including Congo and Yemen, but Spain did not

related news Most countries continue to report a full spread of cases during the Christmas period omicron variant, Which will… Read More

Morocco bans New Year’s Eve parties and will close borders until January 31

related news Morocco extended this Christmas Eve Close its border -Suspended flights since November 29 last year-and suspended flights until… Read More