Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson pide perdón por la fiesta de Navidad de Downing Street en pleno confinamiento

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The ceramic rooster symbol of the Ukrainian resistance that Johnson and Zelensky already own

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Boris Johnson’s unplanned visit to Zelensky in Kyiv: ‘Surprise’

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Boris Johnson announces that people infected with Covid-19 should not be quarantined from Thursday

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Single response to 27 letters: Borrell blocks Putin’s attempt to sow division in EU

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Photos That Make Johnson Evidence Again: Champagne, Hawaiian Necklaces, and Days of Pandemic

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England to lift Covid-19 quarantine at the end of February

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After ‘Partygate’ setback, Johnson reshuffles cabinet to restore initiative

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Johnson, against the ropes: 15 ‘Conservatives’ question his leadership and demand internal motion

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Another adviser to Boris Johnson resigns, his team’s fifth over ‘Partygate’

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Downing Street spate of resignations: Johnson loses four advisers after ‘partygate’

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A new ‘Conservative’ deputy publicly backs a motion to condemn Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson blocks parliament’s party door but not Scotland Yard: 70 witnesses and 300 photos

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UK government points out Boris Johnson’s ‘leadership blunder’ for Downing Street party

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From AMLO to Bolsonaro: Covid and economic crisis put populism on a tightrope

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UK police delay release of report on controversial Downing Street party

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Boris Johnson on target again: He prioritizes evacuation of animals from Kabul over Afghans

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Boris Johnson harassed by ‘partygate’ will only quit if he proves he ‘intentionally cheated’

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Boris Johnson reel: After ‘Party Gate’, Downing Street probes Islamophobia allegations

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A Conservative MP accuses the UK government of ‘intimidation and blackmail’

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A Conservative deputy goes to Labour to run Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson walks a tightrope: His party debates a condemnation motion to oust him

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Boris Johnson and Downing Street parties: ‘No one warned me it was against the rules’

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Another Downing Street party exposed, Johnson apologises: ‘I wish I didn’t’

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UK government freezes taxes that fund the BBC, to be scrapped in 2027

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Johnson tries to quell ‘Partygate’ controversy: He will ban alcohol and change staff

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Boris Johnson’s ‘Wine Friday’ in Downing Street: Party every week

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UK government apologises to parties ahead of Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

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Downing Street hosts two balls and receptions ahead of Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral

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Boris Johnson in eye of hurricane: Downing Street is a party, he says he ‘doesn’t know’

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