Scattered Spain “cochismo”, PAU and neighborhood clubs

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The most interesting books that autumn will meet us with

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Carmelo Jorda, the endless traveler

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Climate change and our dog days

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25 books to understand the transition

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Landalus and Belmonte: “We don’t distinguish between high culture and low culture”

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Why do we remember some books and not others?

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The art of giving new life to old books… and turning them into luxury items

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and passed the censorship

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Ten travel books for World Book Day

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“Twelve Visions of a New World”, stories about the future

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The funniest and witty novel that parodies the “ideologized hipster 15M”

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USSR in the 90s: Bribes, barter or a corpse in the bathtub waiting for firewood for the coffin

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Another history of Spain or what is hidden behind a ghost or red mice

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What is the oldest library in Spain

V General Historical Library of Salamanca It is the oldest university library in Spain, founded in 1218 at will Alfonso… Read More

What is the oldest library in Spain

V General Historical Library of Salamanca It is the oldest university library in Spain, founded in 1218 at will Alfonso… Read More

Gabriel Albiak, half a century in the company of Machiavelli

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“Usually distant places”, a specific way to enjoy the trip

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Don Marcelino or criticism as art

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Alfonso de Castrillo, the monk who already made a “pact” for good government 500 years ago

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Santamarta on the denial of Spain: “We are faced with constant innovationism”

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What to read on this holiday ?: Bets on “The Economy to Run Out of Friends”

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