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Prince William and Princess Kate were advised to go to the USA: show them who the real stars are

There is a clear split in the British royal family, with brothers Prince William and Prince Harry don't quite see… Read More

The royal family did not inform Prince Harry about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he learned about it online, according to the report.

HOh this Prince Harry is no longer in United Kingdom after his visit together Meghan Markle visit Queen Elizabeth II… Read More

Will Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson be kicked out of their royal box?

HOh this King Charles III assumed the position of head of the royal family, a thorough review of the portfolio… Read More

Charles III will not fulfill the goal of becoming the green king because of this new position.

OROn a stormy November day last year, Britain's future king issued a battle cry to world leaders that they must… Read More

Queen Elizabeth II’s mistake, which she never forgave herself, is her biggest regret

queen elizabeth ii lived a full life United Kingdom monarch for most of seven decades. However, there is one moment… Read More

Queen Elizabeth II was heartbroken after Prince Harry wanted to leave the royal family with Meghan Markle, according to a report.

B.acc in 2020 whenPrince Harryand her newly married wife, Meghan Markleasked to be given the opportunity to leave the royal… Read More

Lies with the royal family: Are Harry and Meghan Markle returning to California, are they still in trouble?

BUTin accordance with Meghan Marklefriend and CBS host Gale KingThe Prince and Princess of Sussex have returned to their Los… Read More

Queen’s funeral was ‘money well spent’

B.Ritain Culture Minister Michelle Donelan on Tuesday said the cost of Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral was "money well spent."Donelan… Read More

King Charles III faces major challenge after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

TCannons fired, bells rang, and mourners paid their respects.Currently King Charles III he is tasked with preserving the 1,000-year-old monarchy… Read More

Impressive satellite images of the Queen’s funeral procession

B.Riten said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II with pomp and pomp.Satellite images show that crowds of people have gathered in… Read More

Little spider spotted on the Queen’s coffin has gone viral

BUT A small spider that crawled across the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II went viral on Monday.The cameras focused on… Read More

What did King Charles III write in his touching note left on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II?

Dduring the farewell ceremony queen elizabeth iinew Monarch Of The United Kingdom, King Charles IIIleft touching note on the coffin… Read More

Former employee says Camilla Parker Bowles is the ‘real boss’ in the UK

TThe British public has just come to terms with death Queen Elizabeth IIfurther changes are coming in the country with… Read More

Prince Andrew bears no grudge against Elizabeth II: Your Majesty, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve you

Prince Andrew released a statement on Sunday to speak out publicly after Queen Elizabeth IIdeath for the first time. He… Read More

These are the jewels with which Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at her funeral in London.

This Monday is a funeral queen elizabeth iiwhose death remains one of the most discussed topics of the day. The… Read More

King Charles’ cortege arrives at Buckingham Palace ahead of the Queen’s funeral

ToCharles III arrived at Buckingham Palace on Sunday for an official briefing on the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth… Read More

This is Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla: do they look alike?

TThe UK has been mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth since her passing last week. This news shocked and upset… Read More

King Charles III allowed Prince Harry to wear a military uniform to the vigil of Queen Elizabeth II.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is approaching and right now her coffin is available for visitors to say goodbye… Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not invited to the Queen’s pre-funeral event.

Mprayer drama emanating from The Royal Family as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to find out they weren't invited… Read More

King Charles III greets world leaders at Buckingham Palace after the Queen’s death

TThe royal family's busy schedule continues as the country prepares for the Queen's funeral. Meanwhile, the king, princes and other… Read More

David Beckham stands in a 12-hour line to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

AS WELL AScome even though he gets invitations to attend The Royal Family events for decades David Beckham was part… Read More

Who is Major Johnny, Charles III’s imposing bodyguard who has taken over the Internet?

Yesafter the queen's death Elizabeth II A lot of news surrounded the royal family of England last week. nyuking, Charles… Read More

The royal guard fainted while watching the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

TThe UK has been preparing the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II for the past few days. The Queen… Read More

Here’s a look at some of King Charles III’s eccentric daily demands on his staff.

AS WELL ASwatch because thedeath queen elizabeth iiwas announced attention shifted to her son and heir, newly appointed ruler of… Read More

Meghan Markle responds after being banned from Balmoral hours before Queen Elizabeth II’s death – will she attend the funeral?

Four days have already passed after death queen elizabeth ii and, as expected, it has been a busy few days… Read More

Named the possible cause of death of Queen Elizabeth II

ORon Thursday, September 8, Britain's longest-reigning monarchElizabeth II, died at her Scottish residence at Balmoral, surrounded by her inner circle,… Read More

Charles III is officially proclaimed king two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ttwo days after the death of his mother put him on the throne, King Charles III was officially proclaimed the… Read More

Meghan Markle compared her wedding to Nelson Mandela’s release from prison

For Meghan Marklebeing completely separated from The Royal Family meant she had to quickly start trying to sell her life… Read More

Social Security Schedule: Who Gets July’s Payout Today?

BUTAfter sending the first checks of this month last Wednesday, July 13, more eligible citizens United States They are expected… Read More

Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-partner of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been angered

ORJune 28 Ghislaine Noel Noel Marion Maxwell, billionaire's daughter Robert Maxwell and former partner of a pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who… Read More