A Texas man has been accused of putting an abortion drug in his wife’s drinks

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Barnard College will offer abortion pills on campus next year

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CBS Evening News, October 6, 2022

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Major changes to South Carolina’s abortion laws are unlikely after the Supreme Court’s decision

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Cuba to hold referendum on same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples

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Judicial activism in the US “cancelled”

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WHO calls for decriminalizing abortion and eliminating time for reflection and family consent

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Ecuador approves legalization of abortion in rape cases

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A GOP candidate opposes abortion in case of rape: ‘Baby can be next president’

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U.S. Supreme Court reinstates Texas abortion ban

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New European Parliament face Roberta Metsola sparks controversy over anti-abortion stance

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The U.S. Supreme Court tends to impose new restrictions on abortion rights

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Centers for violent juveniles in question

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Joe Biden’s government will sue Texas to end its abortion laws and give women safety

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Mexican justice legalizes abortion: “Human rights are threatened”

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