Sydney Sweeney Called It ‘Disgusting and Unfair’ That People Tagged Her Family in Nude Screen Grabs: ‘My Cousins ​​Don’t Need That’


Over the last few years, sydney sweeney has dealt with some serious cases of life imitating art. Since Euphoria Premiered back in 2019, the actor has had some strange parallels with her character, Cassie Howard. Though Cassie went off the deep end in the sophomore season of Euphoria thanks to her romance with Nate, a big part of her narrative centers around her being hypersexualized. This is something that Sweeney has also experienced, with her nude scenes being discussed frequently in the media.

‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for HBO

Some ‘Euphoria’ fans feel Sydney Sweeney’s nude scenes are gratuitous

Sweeney’s role in Euphoria You have required her to do nude scenes on more than one occasion. Sweeney has shared multiple times that she always feels comfortable doing the intimate scenes, and has full control over them. However, that hasn’t stopped people from expressing concern for The White Lotus alum. Many find Sweeney’s topless scenes to be gratuitous and have called out writer and creator, Sam Levinson, for continuing to include them.


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