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Switzerland will vote on Sunday, September 26, and may become one of the new countries to legalize universal marriage, in line with most Western European countries.

Polling stations will remain open until 12 pm local time, but in Switzerland, voting before the election date is conducted by mail voting, and the country has been covered by posters from two rival camps for several weeks.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this historic step towards equality”, Announced its supporters on Saturday, and the Pride Parade in recent weeks has also inspired the military. As the voting date approaches, the non-clan has regained its color, but it is still largely a minority.

Opinion polls provide a comfortable advantage for supporters of gay alliances, such as the gfs.bern research institute 1Uh On September 9, 55% of people agreed and 27% opposed. Its previous polls between August 2 and August 16 showed that the gaps were 55% and 20%, respectively.

Shocking opponent poster

On September 25, 2021, Paley, Switzerland, a poster against the marriage of all people.

Opinion polls emphasized that some religious groups and members of the right-wing popular party Central Democratic Union (UDC) are the main opponents, but there is no shortage of supporters among these groups.

Switzerland legalized homosexuality in 1942, but the municipal or cantonal police forces (in some cases until the early 1990s) did not criminalize homosexuals.

Same-sex couples can already sign civil agreements, but the new text stipulates that same-sex couples can jointly adopt a child. Female couples can also turn to sperm donation, which is one of the most controversial issues.

Opponents focused their campaign-marked by shock posters-on this point, condemning the commoditization of children and judging “Intermarriage kills father”.

On one of their posters, we can see a crying baby whose ear tags are usually reserved for cows and ask the following questions: “Baby to order?”On the other hand, a huge zombie head, which should have represented the deceased father, staring at passers-by. An elementary school in Valais decided to cover it because it frightened the children.

Another national election

The National Marriage Vote, initiated under the initiative of the young people of the Socialist Party, is holding the second national ballot at the same time. The slogan is “Money doesn’t work, you can do it!”The initiative requires that capital income (such as interest, dividends) be taxed 1.5 times the labor income.

It is expected that 100,000 francs will be exempted each year, but the extra tax will be used to reduce taxes for low- and middle-income earners or to fund social benefits such as nurseries, health insurance subsidies or training, highlighting the website of the proposal’s supporters.

Gfs. Byrne gave the initiative to lose with 46% of the votes and 26% of the votes.

UDC also opposes this initiative and uses the rural and conservative fibers of many of its supporters: “Let us oppose the caviar leftist in the city center by voting 2 vetoes on 99% of the initiative and universal marriage!”.

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