Sweden finds remains of explosives in the Nord Stream gas pipelines: “It is sabotage”


Sweden confirmed on Friday the discovery of explosive remains in the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2, which confirms the thesis that the incident suffered at the end of last September was a “blatant sabotage”.

The Swedish prosecutor investigating the incident, Mats Ljungqvist, has explained that “the analyzes carried out show traces of explosives in several of the non-native objects found”. “Advanced analysis work continues in order to reach more conclusive conclusions about the incident,” she added.

“The collaboration with the authorities of Sweden and other countries works excellently. To continue with the task and for this cooperation it is important to work calmly and calmly,” he said. Mats Ljungqvist, who affirms that the investigation is “very complex and extensive” and that its evolution will determine “if any suspects can be pointed out.”

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Was it Russia? USA?

Already on October 6, the Swedish Security Service indicated that the investigations had determined that the damage was caused by “explosions” and stressed that this “reinforces suspicions of serious sabotage.” Thus, he explained that the objective is to determine if there are suspicions against specific people for them to be prosecuted and stressed that what happened “It’s very serious”.

In total they were located two leaks in each pipeline (which was out of service), two in the Danish area and two in the Swedish area, all in international waters. From the beginning, both governments described what happened as “sabotage”.

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Denmark also has an investigation open on this same issue, while the company that operates the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, controlled by the Russian giant Gazpromsent a boat to the area at the end of October to examine the damage without giving any information about it since then.

The authorities of Germany, Denmark and Sweden have excluded Russia from the investigations about what happened, which has led to a formal protest from Moscow, which has warned that it will not recognize the result of any report in which it has not participated.



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