Survivor 42 Episode 5: Who (fairly) voted?


TThe Ika tribe reacted to the vote against Swati Goel, whose lies finally caught up with her after they realized they were all her “number one” ally at the beginning of the fifth episode of Survivor 42. Ika was reduced to four people, which led them to the Taku tribe. In the meantime, the Wathi tribe maintained their lead with five members. So which group lost their immunity on Wednesday night and was forced to vote for another player?

After the tribal council

After Swati’s shocking elimination, Roxroy understood why he was overwhelmed in camp. Swati, as Romeo explains, betrayed his, Drea’s, and Tori’s trust by playing both sides and telling everyone in the tribe that they were her number one priority. Romeo claims that Rocksroy was unequivocal that he would not change his vote, so they made the group decision without him.

He respected their decision and apologized to Tori, but Tori wants Rocksroy to leave too. In her solo comment, she says that she will lie about agreeing to be a united front with the team and will continue to secretly swindle Rocksroy.

Omar knows better than to annoy Marianne because she has an idol with an advantage. He is concerned that Taku will enter the upcoming merger even weaker than before.

After Jenny’s chaotic destruction in Episode 3, High reveals in a solo comment in Wati that he doesn’t trust any of their tribe. Chanel and Danielle, who were at odds after the same Tribal Council, agree to leave “the past in the past” if they both survive the merger. Huy and Lydia plan how to vote for Chanel. They later point out to Mike and Chanel that Daniel claimed he couldn’t compete in swimming due to a dislocated shoulder he suffered during the season premiere, but is now spearfishing with the same injured arm.

If Drea and Marianne discover they have idols in the next challenge, Mike can strategically keep the secret, wait for the merger and hope that Drea and Marianne, who are strong competitors in their own right, are eliminated prior to the merger due to their lack of voting rights .

Challenge to Immunity

Everyone will race up and down a high mesh ramp as part of the challenge. After that, one player will unravel the braided ropes to free the key. This key can open the machete. The load of sandbags will be dropped with a machete. The sandbags will then fire at two different targets. The first two Tribes to finish are exempt from participating in the Tribal Council and compete for the prize of a larger and smaller tarp. Daniel leaves again, stating that he “has no value” in this ordeal.

Before leaving, Jeff instructs Ika to select two players for the journey. Lydia was chosen from Wati and Roxroy was chosen from their own team.

tribal council

Danielle acts nice and compliments Mike at the Tribal Council, but Chanel sees this as part of her social game. Leading up to the vote, essentially, Daniel vs. Chanel, but neither of them wants to play in the dark.

“I kept my word. “Someone voted for me,” says Mike Chanel after Daniel left. Chanel voted for him.


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