‘Surprise Princess 3’ Begins Development: Will Anne Hathaway Return to Her Iconic Role?


Just when there are a few days left to The return of Giselle in disenchanted 2Disney wanted to announce that it was already working on the third installment of another iconic franchise, surprised princess. Despite the time difference of their first (Giselle’s story came in 2007 and Queen of Genovia’s story came in 2001)Both titles have 2 important parallels. The first is that they are both generational stories with which millennium grew up and the second, that its protagonists Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams They have built a successful career. From the Oscar of Hathaway by Wretched, up to the six nominations for the statuette that her red-haired counterpart accumulates. Now we could know that surprised princess 3 it’s already in progress and at this time there is no confirmation suggesting that the actress who premieres this weekend armageddon timereturn to your old role.

“Surprised Princess” (Disney)

Based on the novels of the same name by the writer Meg Cabotthe iconic comedy catapulted the New York actress’ career and almost instantly became one of the these great classics “two thousand” on adolescence and the transition to adulthood. More than two decades later, according to The Hollywood Reporterthe writer Aadrita Mukerji wrote the screenplay for this long-awaited comeback. Mukerji will make his feature film debut after writing episodes for various action series such as scorpions, super girl, catcher Yes The end game. It is expected to be a continuation of the protagonist’s story and not a reboot. Despite this, there still doesn’t appear to be a deal for Hathaway to be on the project.

surprised princess 3
‘Surprise Princess 2’ (Disney)

Another subject to discuss would be the fate that the mouse house would give to surprised princess 3. The original film collected $165 million at the international box office, while the sequel also garnered big numbers, with 134 million for the company. However, the background that Disney manages in similar productions, as is the case with Disenchanted: The Return of Gisellewho will happen directly on Disney+ next friday 18 of November. Will its protagonist agree to return to the role that brought him international fame or will he prefer to continue to focus on more serious projects? Once the script is complete, it’s only a matter of time to find out if Anne Hathaway will be a surprise princess again.


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