Surprise college that entered the race to recruit Bronnie James

BUT school of surprises has become a potential contender for LeBron James‘ are, BronnieWith Rutgers join the race to attract a youngster along with legendary colleges such as Duke, Ohio State, Tennessee and Texas.

Bronnie considered one of the most in-demand high school basketball players in the US, despite a recent drop in national rankings.

Therefore, he is in demand Rutgers I hope their coaching staff will be attractive.

“One school makes an unexpected push to enroll James Rutgers, basketball fan. Billy Witz as well as Adam Zagori writes the New York Times.

“As unlikely as it may seem, Rutgers hopes coach Steve Pickellstrong development track record – turning frivolous recruits such as Geo Baker, Ron Harper Jr. as well as Miles Johnson in titled Big Ten players – has some appeal to James.”

Reaction to news that Bronnie James could join Rutgers

Recently, Rutgers has been successful in term set, and the Scarlet Knights have become an NCAA tournament-level program.

However, there is still skepticism about their stated interest in receiving Bronnie James.

Some don’t believe that LeBron James thumbs up for his son to join Rutgers.

“Who cares if they landed Miles Johnson, Rutgers not very good at studying,” wrote one Twitter user.

“The fact LeBron does not send his son to a flagship university in New Jersey. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

However, another user responded by emphasizing that Rutgers is one of the highest ranked colleges in the US.

Bronnie was associated with Tennesseewho is academically ranked lower than Rutgers,” came the reply.

“Rutgers is confidently in the top half of the top five schools academically according to US News.

“Not sure where you got this idea that Rutgers is bad academically. It’s just not true.”


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