Supreme Court rejects report of Trump’s request to block attack on Capitol


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This United States Supreme Court Former President Donald Trump’s request to block access to White House documents was rejected on Wednesday In connection with the January 6 attack on the Capitol Last year, at the request of a House committee to investigate what happened in those days.

Supreme Court stresses former president ‘without precedent’ Call to block release of records The issue has not been resolved as the lower court “analyzed and dismissed the executive privilege claim based on any evidence he presented,” according to US network CNBC.

Trump is trying to claim executive privilege over the documents, which, as he insists, should be, “Forever” Confidentiality And demanded that they let him review the records anyway before handing them over to Congress.

Thus, in a brief, unsigned statement, the court emphasized Trump’s attempts to prevent the release of the records, according to US media reports. “Even if he is the current (president), he will fail”, because “his status as a former president makes no difference.”

Of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court who decided on Trump’s appeal, only Judge Clarence Thomas, appointed by George W. Bush, has spoken publicly that he would agree to Trump’s request.

Now, with this Supreme Court ruling, More than 700 pages of White House records will have to go to committeeThe documents, which include activity logs, schedules, speech notes and three pages of handwritten notes by his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, could shed light on what happened inside the Washington West Wing where Trump supporters gathered. US network CNN.

U.S. President Joe Biden authorized the National Archives to release the documents, but refused Enforce administrative law on certain materials The commission made the request while acknowledging that it was “unreasonable” in light of the events of January 6.
Following Biden’s decision, Trump filed a lawsuit in federal court, which was dismissed, and later in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, who ruled that while Trump had some power, it was not sufficient to challenge the incumbent president’s decision, according to NBC News. , so his last option was to appeal to the Supreme Court.


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