“Superbigote”, a superhero inspired by Nicolas Maduro, who saved Venezuela from a blackout


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Nicolas Maduro Has become a superhero: Super mustache nowDressed in a blue jumpsuit and red cape, the superman-style clone of the Venezuelan president saved Venezuela from the power outage caused by the Donald Trump-inspired villain from the White House’s attack on the country.

This is the plot of an animated series that Venezuela’s public television station has begun to broadcast.In the first chapter released this week, a villain sitting in the White House wearing a golden wig argues with two famous Venezuelan opponents ——Julio Borges and Henry Ramos Arup—— Because of existence Unable to oust Maduro.

Politicians defended themselves, saying that they had tried everything, “but they did not see the light.”At that time Trump had an idea to send The “electromagnetic drone” that caused the “blackout” in Venezuela.

Soon, the whole country fell into darkness: houses, hospitals, operating rooms, food stores… everything was heading for disaster. But just when the opposition was already celebrating the fall of the regime, Maduro showed up, that is, Destroy the drone to save the citizens’ super mustache, They restored electricity, which made the villain in the White House feel very desperate.

Superbigote’s nickname first appeared in 2019 yearAt the press conference, Nicolas Maduro spoke of Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno’s accusation that Caracas was behind the country’s protests.

At the press conference, Nicolas Maduro mocked the accusation. “Yesterday, President Lenin Moreno came out and said that what happened there was my fault. I moved my beard and overthrew the government, so Lenin Moreno said, I’m thinking about what the next government can defeat with a mustache“He said in the government action broadcast on the national television channel VTV. “I am not Superman, I am Superbigote,” he joked at the time.


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