Super Nintendo World USA Announces Opening Date at Universal Studios Hollywood【Video】


Nintendo’s theme park expansion goes outside of Japan for the first time.

Since Universal Studios Japan’s goal is to give visitors a sense of cinematic magic, it may seem a little odd that Osaka’s amusement park is also home to video game-inspired attractions such as Super Nintendo world. However, USJ has a long history of collaborating with Japanese pop culture franchises and is pretty much the only non-Disney theme park in Japan whose scale and budget can do justice to Nintendo’s top-tier franchise.

Of course, Universal Studios Japan is not the only Universal Studios park in the world, and now the original, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced the opening date for its own Super Nintendo World expansion.

The views shown in the video preview look like exact copies of the ones that wowed us during our first visit to Super Nintendo World in the USJ: Peach Castle, Bowser’s stronghold with a Mario Kart AR ride and interactive activities with question mark bricks and a giant Piranha plant. Even Toadstool Cafe and 1-Up Factory gift shop they’re there. That’s all it takes to make you feel like you’ve truly gone through a warp tube into the Mushroom Kingdom, leaving Hollywood behind (although technically Universal Studios Hollywood is in Universal City, not Hollywood, but that’s a serious pick on native So Cal).

So when is the opening day? Feb 17th 2023 This unfortunately means fans in the US probably won’t be able to enjoy the cool Nintendo Christmas merch that’s on sale right now from Universal Studios Japan, but at least they’ll be able to visit America’s Super Nintendo World before the new CG movie opens Super Mario Bros.

Source, images: YouTube/Universal Studios Hollywood
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