Sun Lijun’s trial or how China uses Falun Gong and Wuhan as the background to clear its “Gestapo”


On April 25, 1999, a group of about 10,000 sports practitioners Falun Gong They decided to hold a peaceful sitting near the imperial city of Beijing near the facilities of the Chinese Ministry of Justice.What exactly Falun Gong is is still unclear, but Communist Party Determine immediately that this is dangerous. Although the term “sect”-directly derived from state propaganda-has become common, the fact is that in principle, it is only a semi-religious and semi-philosophical movement, and its greatest external manifestation is not prayer, but a movement. The series of movements are very similar to Tai Chi.

This demonstration was the largest demonstration in the Chinese capital since the events of July 1989. Tiananmen Square Of course, the Jiang Zemin government is not willing to tolerate such challenges. This movement was launched in society in the early 1990s, and there are already millions of practitioners, many of whom are high-level leaders of the Communist Party itself. We must get to the point, try to legitimize the absolute authority of the country, and end the path to spreading spirituality, which will end decades of militant non-sectarianism.

In the short term, the first measure is to use a stick to dissolve the meeting and arrest most of the people present. In the medium and long term, more is needed: positioning, detention, transfer to concentration camps, and “evaporating” tens of thousands of potential dissidents when necessary. This task requires an armed group that works in the dark, does not leave too many traces in front of Western public opinion, is composed of ruthless and obedient people, ready to respond to all kinds of extreme behaviors at any time.In words Ian JohnsonThe American journalist won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his report on the persecution: “No atrocities are enough to end Falun Gong.”

Sun Lijun and the infamous “610 Office”

This group was formed on June 10, which is just six weeks after the sit-in. Beijing And got the name “Office 610”. Directly controlled by senior CCP officials, one of its most active components is Sun Lijun. The 30-year-old Sun has just been two party members and needs credit. 610 was quickly called the “Gestapo” because its method was similar to Hitler’s secret police in Nazi Germany: no one knew how many people went missing in the first three years of the persecution. Some say five thousand, some say fifty thousand, and some say millions. It is unclear how many people were sent to the “rehabilitation center” or how many succeeded.

As Falun Gong disappeared from the streets, Sun Lijun’s political status continued to improve. Because its members were condemned for passive resistance, the movement sought help from the West, but it was not available at home: On October 5, 2012, a member of the movement wrote to President Barack Obama in Washington. This gesture made it to the front page of the newspaper, but it stayed there.No one’s protest Amnesty International Neither news investigation was of any use: Sun Lijun became the deputy leader of the 610 Office under the direct command of Fu Zhenghua in 2015 after several parallel missions. Three years later, he will be appointed Deputy Minister of Public Security, one of the most important positions in the Communist Party of China in terms of repression.

Some say five thousand, some say fifty thousand, and some say millions disappeared in the first few years of the persecution.

Like all of us, the new crown virus has changed Sun Lijun’s life. What is still curious is that he was sent to Wuhan immediately after the outbreak. His role there remains a mystery. How the head of the security forces portrays the management of health problems is not very clear. What’s even more strange is that Li Jun, a senior official who has had contacts with agents, is cruel and knows everything that happened in the Wuhan laboratory in the first few days of the crisis. In custody His own police on April 19, 2020.

“Beijing Gang”

The story of the purged purifier is a classic of all authoritarian regimes. Sun Lijun is not the terrible Bedia of the Soviet Union’s Stalin era, but the situation is similar. You use the steel fist to make thousands of people disappear, and the steel fist finally falls on you.The accusations that he is on trial these days speak of dual crimes: on the one hand, “giving up his position during the pandemic,” on the other, “hiding confidential material for his own benefit”, all in one context “Extreme political ambitions”, According to the report of the Chinese Communist Party Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Obviously Sun Lijun might try to create a The police trust the core around himIf a group of sitting pastors is a problem, then an unscrupulous mob may be even more so. During the investigation, some people talked about the “gangster method” of obtaining information and thus gaining power. Lijun was expelled from the party and fell out of favor. Before him, he could face decades of imprisonment or even more severe punishment, depending on what is found. First, in Australia, where his wife and 19-year-old daughter live for a long time, there are millions of yuan in accounts.

Not long before Sun Lijun was arrested, Meng Hongwei had fallen. Head of Interpol ChinaBoth are considered leaders of the so-called “Beijing Gang” and may have been too close to former President Jiang Zemin, who is still a powerful political opponent of Xi Jinping. Will the ineffective control of the epidemic cause the current president to fall into a situation of political compromise internally, and he will decide to play a watch? Sources in Taiwan and Hong Kong pointed this out.In any case, this does not explain why one of the most powerful people in the Chinese security community and the person in charge of Sun in 610 were recently arrested in recent years: neither more nor less than the above. Fu Zhenghua.

Meng Hongwei, the former head of China’s Interpol.


The last victim

During the “Gestapo” period, he actively continued to persecute Falun Gong’s few resistance cores, Fu Zhenghua promoted to Minister of JusticeAmong his accomplishments, there is of course another purge: he led the investigation that led to his imprisonment in 2013, and the former Director of the National Security Bureau Zhou Yongkang was one of the most outstanding members of the Chinese Communist Party…until he was arrested prematurely in you Retired the year before.Of course, Zhou Yongkang also served as the 610 Office Director from 2007 to 2012; therefore, he was responsible for the previous strong actions 2008 Olympics.

The accusation against Fu Zhenghua is as ambiguous as the accusation against Yongkang or Lijun: “Serious violation of CCP discipline.” This cannot be a coincidence. 3 outstanding members of the 610 will be jailed in just two yearsEverything shows that these allegations overlap each other and in turn are detrimental to President Xi. In fact, Fu Zhenghua is the Minister of Justice, yes, but he did not decide to retire until April 29, 2020, because Yongkang had already retired at that time. It was ten days after Sun Lijun was arrested.

Is this related to possible divergence Seat Jinping The persecution of Falun Gong? Is there a way to pinpoint the responsible person and wash hands in some way during any subsequent investigations? For many years, it has been talked about the organs of millions of members of religious and philosophical movements being used in illegal transplant networks. Have we seen the disintegration of the network, or is this just part of a busy imagination? The problem for China is that it cannot determine who is purging whom and why. If the opposing army’s indictment is formally finalized and it takes 17 months to start the trial, how long will it take for Zhenghua and what will it find along the way?


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