Summer incentive payments: amount, requirements and timing

HOURHundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to receive summer stimulus payments as part of the US government’s bid to provide financial assistance to citizens in need.

it second round of stimulation which is part Essential Employee Premium Paywhich was passed by the Massachusetts Legislature in December 2021.

Summer incentive payments: amount

In the first round of bonus payments in March, almost 240,000 people received $500 each. This second round will benefit approximately 300,000 low-income essential workers who should receive the same amount from the state.

As The Sun reported, the State Department of Revenue said the first checks were mailed on June 6th. Payments to citizens will continue for a month.

Who is eligible for checks?

The state legislature allocated $460 million for the stimulus. To be eligible for a $500 check, you must have filed a 2021 tax return.

You must also have lived in Massachusetts by June 15, 2021, or lived there from January 1, 2021 to June 15, 2021. You must have earned at least $13,500 in compensation for your work in order for your application to be accepted. 2021

The state will only consider applications from those whose household income was below 300 percent of the federal poverty level in 2021.

“The Legislature was proud to establish this program through our ARPA. [American Rescue Plan Act] legislation,” said the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Party. Ronald Mariano tweeted.

“Essential workers who worked to keep the Commonwealth running in the midst of a pandemic deserve nothing less.”

Meanwhile, applicants should not have received the first round payment or any unemployment benefits in 2021.

As for the federal poverty level, it is set by the federal government and depends on the size of the household or family. For example, in 2021, single applicants could not earn more than $38,640 and a family of four could not earn more than $79,500.


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