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Valladolid (EFE).- The aid committed by the Junta de Castilla y León to mitigate the serious fires of last summer in the Community is “in execution”, in the words of the Minister of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, Juan Carlos Suárez -Quiñones, who reported investments amounting to 107 million by his department, some of which related to forest management.

Suárez-Quiñones appeared at the press conference after the Government Council which saw, among other things, a series of four environmental restoration actions that the Ministry is undertaking with an investment of 70.1 million through the public company Somacyl and with the collaboration of the public company Tragsa, with works in a territorial extension of 1,000 hectares in mining spaces in the province of León, mainly in the so-called Gran Corta de Fabero (722 hectares ).

The Minister of Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, appears during a press conference after the Council of Government. EFE/ R. Garcia

The areas of the municipalities of Tremor de Arriba, Torre del Bierzo and Villagatón are also affected by this action funded by the Resilience Mechanism-Next Generation-EU.

400 contracts in the forestry sector

Linked to the forestry sector, but in this case under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment, the Council authorized the grant of 5 million euros which will enter the nine provincial councils and the Regional Council of El Bierzo to promote the creation of 400 jobs in the forestry sector.

The Council will advance 100% of the amount committed to local entities in order to inject cash and finance a measure aimed at facilitating the integration of unemployed people into the labor market.

This measure corresponds to one of those announced by the Council last July, after the wave of fires, to alleviate the situation, and prevent it in the future, as recalled by the spokesperson, Carlos Fernández Carriedo .

Archive image in the burned area of ​​the forest fire that devastated the Sierra de la Culebra. EFE/Mariam A. Montesinos

In order to achieve adequate efficiency in the tasks to be performed, the workers will be organized into teams of at least 4 members, each one will be assigned an area of ​​action, specified the Minister of the Environment.


The Board of Directors also agreed, on the proposal of Suárez-Quiñones, to grant direct grants totaling 17.6 million euros to eleven entities (9 consortia and 2 town halls) from all the provinces of Castilla y León to finance the construction of specific facilities for the treatment of bio-waste collected separately.

The Councilor explained that with this article he intends to advance in the achievement of the new Community objectives in the management of municipal waste, within the framework of the ‘Support plan for the implementation of waste regulations and at the time circular economy’ at European level.

The eleven subsidized entities are the municipalities of Valladolid and Burgos and nine waste collection consortia.
Avila fire

The councilor also shared with the board of directors that he has contracted works for an amount of 3.3 million euros to mitigate the environmental consequences caused by the forest fire that occurred in August 2021 in the Sierra de la Paramera, which affected the towns of Burgohondo, El Barraco, La Hija de Dios, Mengamuñoz, Mironcillo, Narros del Puerto, Navalacruz, Navalmoral, Navarredondilla, Riofrío, San Juan de la Nava, San Juan del Molinillo, Solosancho and Sotalbo.

The actions are part of the restoration plan for the affected area and will essentially consist of the execution of hydrological and forest restoration actions to mitigate the contribution of sediment flows, a consequence of the lack of adequate vegetation cover, and the generation of processes erosive.

The Minister of Economy and Finance and Spokesperson, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, and the Minister of Environment, Housing and Spatial Planning, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, participated in a press conference after the Board of Governors. EFE/ R. Garcia

In the same way, Suárez-Quiñones added in his appearance other expenses amounting to 14.8 million on works related to the fight against fires, the conservation and improvement of forest resources and the planning and the management of different lines of subsidies, both in terms of heritage and housing, as well as the implementation of the monitoring of hunting populations and the maintenance of the facilities of the Capercaillie Center, in Valsemana (León).

water purification

Suárez-Quiñones also announced the award of contracts for the expansion and improvement of wastewater treatment plants (EDAR) in the towns of Folgoso de la Ribera, Boeza, Tedejo, Rozuelo and Villaviciosa de San Miguel, in the province of León, for an amount of 378,686 euros; and in the municipalities belonging to the municipality of Santibáñez de la Peña (Barrio de la Estación, Barrio Alto and Barrio Bajo), Las Heras de la Peña, Pino de Viduerna, Velilla de la Peña, Villalbeto de la Peña and Villaverde de la Peña , in the province of Palencia, for an amount of 551,354 euros, to try to comply with the European directive.

At the same meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors gave the green light to grants for two municipalities in the area of ​​socio-economic influence (AIS) of the Picos de Europa National Park for an amount of 200,859 euros and to the 19 municipalities of the AIS of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park for an amount of 216,349 euros.

The aid will go towards the creation and modernization of urban infrastructure, the improvement of equipment and services provided by the respective local administration.

Finally, the Board of Directors approved a grant of 100,000 euros to the Federation of Forest Associations of Castilla y León (FAFCYLE) for the development of advisory and support activities for sustainable forest management and pilot actions to improve the forest ownership structure.EFE


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