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If a pandemic disrupted some, Sugar Sammy has recovered and will come on a US tour with 52 appearances in English that will begin in Florida (Boca Raton and West Palm Beach). He knows that a large part of his audience in Florida will be French and French Canadians…. so many say they are polishing their best funny bullets pointing in their direction!

Meet Sugar Sammy!

Sugar Sammy US Tour, two dates in Florida:

– March 3: Boca Raton

Boca Black Box Center for the Arts, 8221 Glades Road Suite # 10, Boca Raton, FL 33434

– March 4: West Palm Beach

The Kelsey Theater, 700 Park Ave, Lake Park, FL 33403

– LE COURRIER DES AMERIQUES: Sammy, you do a national English tour in the United States, are you as famous there as Gad Elmaleh?

– SUGAR SAMMY: I won’t respond to your provocations, but I do have a lot of fans among Americans. I first started my career in English before focusing on French-speaking audiences. I’ve been touring the United States since 2017, but it wasn’t the same. This time we have 52 more programs on March 3 and July 10!

– THE CDA: Do you do a show in English in Florida during the winter, are you sure it has permission from OQLF (Office québécois de la langue française)?

– SUGAR SAMMY: Oh yeah, I hope they won’t be so far behind me !!!! In fact, I came to learn English French speaking in Florida! I went to Hollywood Beach, he speaks too French there! ! !

– CDA: Did you see that ?!

– SUGAR SAMMY: Yes, in Hollywood-Hallandale they do it like on the West Island, in Montreal, but vice versa: they come here to build their own neighborhood. So I thought I’d come teach them English!

– THE CDA: Will you be joking about covid during your new shows? That would be nice, because we in Florida haven’t heard from it in a long time!

– SUGAR SAMMY: Yes, of course, we need to talk about it. It won’t be ubiquitous … we won’t talk about it alone. But still, I will try to explain to the Quebecs that now that they are in Florida, they are no longer subject to Quebec rules!

– THE CDA: How did you, as an artist, experience the ban on stage during these long months?

– SUGAR SAMMY: Not bad. Before, I drove at 100,000 miles per hour, always in a working atmosphere. We did not take the time to evaluate our lives and our journeys. I think a lot of people felt the same way. So it did me good, it allowed me to relax and be able to devote myself to my relationships, to develop my authorial qualities.

– LE CDA: And has the pandemic changed the spirit of your performance a lot?

– SUGAR SAMMY: As I said, it made me want – at this point in my career – to improve my writing, but also to push the limits as far as possible without a filter.

– CDA: Wait – are you explaining to us that before you had a “filter”?

– SUGAR SAMMY: I have more control over my career so I can afford what I want without being canceled. I used to do a little bit of it, but now I don’t care. That’s the way I want to think.

– THE CDA: Sugar Sammy “canceled” like the simple James Franco or the vulgar Napoleon Bonaparte… hard to believe!

– SUGAR SAMMY: Pressure groups take us hostage and frankly, it’s starting to work!

– THE CDA: But these pressure groups don’t seem less influential, is it possible for a comedian not to be afraid of them?

– SUGAR SAMMY: Some are winners. In the United States, it’s hard with cases like Joe Rogan or Jimmy Carr: we try to cancel them because we disagree with them. But frankly, more and more comedians are winning. The public supports us.

– THE CDA: The public supports you, but it often doesn’t go so well on Twitter.

– SUGAR SAMMY: Just cancel Twitter. One click is no longer on my phone. It would have been more difficult for me before. There may be a difference.

– THE CDA: Are you talking about “cancellation” during your performances?

– SUGAR SAMMY: Yes, I warn the public. Some will be shocked, but laughter always wins.

– THE CDA: What do you like to do in Florida when you don’t work there?

– SUGAR SAMMY: I come there from Montreal, so just finding the sun and the beach is a lot for me. So far, I’ve had very little time touring Florida. I could only rest a few times on South Beach. In addition, if readers want to advise me on the best restaurants or the best neighborhoods to live in, I’m interested, they can come and tell me about it on my social networks!

– THE CDA: Unless your social networks are canceled before!

– SUGAR SAMMY: It should be OK. Another thing I do when I come to Florida is to spend time in Quebec and the French Quarters to watch, talk to people, watch them live. I’ll be back this time….

– CDA: It will be discreet. Do you wear a mask to be incognito?

– SUGAR SAMMY: Ha ha ha! It’s not always easy. I miss that time a little; for example when I came to France, no one knew me. I used to spend time asking people questions, I lived like a Parisian, but I still observe quite often!

Sugar Sammy

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