Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok is missing

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The first minister, Abdullah Hamdok, Whose whereabouts are still unknown after being arrested yesterday Military coupThe Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam Sadik Mahdi revealed this information to her foreign ministers in different countries.

“The Foreign Minister of the Transitional Government, Mariam Sadik, sent a letter to her colleagues in Africa, Arab and Western countries, informing them that The legitimate Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, So far, the whereabouts of his government members are unknown, “can be read in a brief statement from the Facebook Information Department.

Early Monday morning, the military They arrested the prime minister and his wife, In addition to other members of the transitional government and civil politicians a few hours before the dissolution of the ministerial meeting, as well as the Sovereign Council, the supreme authority for the transition of Sudan.

This is also Declared a state of emergency across the country And some provisions of the constitutional document laid the foundation for the transition period. The transition period began in August 2019. After several months of suspension of street protests, the dictator Omar al-Bashir was overthrown by the generals.

During the day of this Tuesday, protests against the military coup are expected, while Internet access continues to be interrupted, and some streets are blocked by roadblocks erected by protesters yesterday. Four of them have diedAccording to the Central Committee of Doctors in Sudan, since the revolution that overthrew Bashir, the committee has been treating protesters and counting victims.

The United Nations and other different countries and organizations called for the “immediate release” of political representatives arrested yesterday, including several ministers and a civilian member of the Sovereignty Council, as well as the governor of Khartoum.


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