Sudan coup: military detains prime minister and several government members

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A group of Sudanese military personnel detained the prime minister of the country in his home after detaining several members of the government. The military has arrested an unknown number of ministers and members of the civilian part of the sovereign committee, the highest authority in the transition process in Sudan, and all of them are missing. After the first operation, the military retained the prime minister, Abdullah Hamdok, At home and forced to make a statement “Support the coup”, Reporting from the Ministry of Information of Sudan.

“The coalition forces locked Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok at his home and forced him to issue a statement in support of the coup,” the ministry said in a brief statement on Facebook.

The opposition platform Sudan Professionals Association called in a statement ” Community Resistance Committee, Revolutionary Force“Go to the streets with all the people to’boycott’ against what he described as a’cruel military coup’.”

According to different live TV scenes, You can already see the protesters on the street And burned tires in Khartoum.

Similarly, the Netblocks portal that reviews user connections and Internet censorship records “Serious interruption” in contact with Sudan And put it at 34%.

These arrests coincided with the visit of the U.S. special envoy for the Horn of Africa to the country. Jeffrey FeldmanLast weekend I met with the main civilian and military authorities in Sudan.

The US Embassy in Khartoum referred to the tense period since the attempted coup d’état last month and said that Feltman yesterday urged all participants to “recommit to work together to implement the constitutional declaration.”


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