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When buying accessories for Subaru Crosstrek, you have hundreds of choices. These accessories are very suitable for customizing large SUVs and can be equipped with the exterior and interior of the vehicle. According to your needs, you can add several key functions to customize your Crosstrek.

What accessories does Subaru Crosstrek have?

Subaru Crosstrek accessories not only allow you to customize the vehicle to your own style, but also provide additional protection. Some of the benefits they provide are as follows:

  • Show your personality: Adding accessories can help you personalize and brand your Crosstrek. Some accessories also allow specific custom functions.
  • Improve appearance: Adding accessories can improve the appearance of your Crosstrek. Vehicles with accessories ultimately look better than without accessories.
  • Protect your vehicle: Getting in and out of your Crosstrek will cause normal wear and tear. In addition, depending on the number of cyclists, frequency of driving, and type of terrain dealt with, your Crosstrek may become dirty. Many of these accessories help keep their appearance good.

    When designing accessories for your Crosstrek, please be creative. With so many options, your choices are almost endless.

    Types of accessories for Subaru Crosstrek

    You are so different Accessories options for Crosstrek, It includes the following elements:


    In terms of accessory upgrades, floor mats are one of the most popular choices. Choose shoes with grooves and ridges to remove any fluid from the feet. You should also look for those with hooks or handles underneath, so they don’t slip and restrain the pedals while you are driving. Thicker carpets can also absorb more liquid and provide additional cushioning for your feet. Don’t forget to buy cushions for the back seat.

    Seat cover

    Depending on your Crosstrek seat material, you may need Seat cover Protect them from daily wear and tear. This will come in handy when considering resale value. The protective cover can also provide you with additional comfort and support. By choosing a custom seat cover, you can add a bit of personality to your vehicle.

    Cargo liner

    In order to protect your Crosstrek cargo space, please consider buying Cruise shipThese accessories can help you organize the area and minimize the possibility of spillage. They have a raised lip that can extend a few inches on the cargo wall, and compartments for storing specific items. Manufacturers sell different types of cargo ships, depending on how the pilot wants to use their cargo hold. After determining your needs, purchase a customized cargo ship to ensure a perfect fit.

    Shift button

    The shift knob is mainly an aesthetic improvement to the interior, and it can also make your Crosstrek feel more attractive. The original gear shift knob also works normally, but by choosing your own gear shift knob, you can customize the interior. Custom buttons have better grip, allowing you to shift gears more easily, giving you a more relaxing and comfortable driving experience.

    Car organizer

    How many times have you fumbled and tried to find something between your Crosstrek seats? In order to minimize the possibility of this happening, please consider buying a car storage box. Some are suspended behind the front seats, so your rear passengers can easily access books, food or any other entertainment content during long commutes.

    Bike rack

    If you want to take a bike adventure, you should buy one Bike rack. As one of the most popular outdoor accessories, there are many choices of racks. Some frames are connected to the rear of the vehicle by tow bars, while others are connected to the roof. Before buying, determine the number of bicycles you plan to bring and their size.

    How to choose accessories for Subaru Crosstrek

    Choosing the best accessories for your Subaru Crosstrek depends on your needs and budget. You should also consider your lifestyle, driving habits and taste. The price of most auto parts depends on their design and function. Decide which features are essential, and then you can narrow your choices.

    How to replace/install Subaru Crosstrek accessories

    Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are generic and are not intended to replace the instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your user manual or repair guide before attempting any repairs.

    Depending on the accessory you choose, installation should be fairly easy. Please follow the steps below for quick installation:


    Remove the old mat and replace it with a new one.If New floor mat There are hooks to make sure they are connected to Crosstrek’s floor. Otherwise, it is important to keep the pads away from the pedals, because you don’t want them to get stuck while riding.

    Seat cover

    Whether you are a custom seat cover or a universal seat cover, they all come with similar instructions. The lower seat cushion is usually fixed to the seat with straps, buckles and S-shaped hooks. Pass the lower seat cushion through the space between the rear seat back and the lower seat cushion. Remove the head restraint and slide the cover onto the seat back cushion. Pass the strap through the gap and insert the buckle, just like the bottom cushion. Replace the headrest and pull the headrest cover onto the headrest.

    Cargo liner

    Most pads are glued to the luggage floor to prevent them from moving while you are driving. Consult the instruction manual to determine the correct installation process.

    Shift button

    Remove the old shift knob and place the new adapter on the shift lever. Gently twist the plastic adapter on the gear lever. Keep turning until the knob is in the driving preference you want.

    Car organizer

    These are some of the easiest accessories to install because you can place them on the floor or on the seat back. Hang the organizer from the backrest of the front seat according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some may also have straps around the headrest.

    Bike rack

    For roof or rear bike racks, please refer to the installation instruction manual. For rear-mounted racks, you need to insert the bracket into the trailer hitch. Either way, make sure that all parts are firmly connected.

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