Stress, social censorship and a pile of debts: the “hell” before the marriage of the former Japanese princess Mako


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Until yesterday Princess Mako Japan He severed his connection with the royal family on Tuesday after getting married Komuro Kei, The young woman described it as her emotional support during the years separating the engagement from the disputed marriage.

“For me, Kei is an essential person. Marriage is our only choice to live faithfully“A few hours after registering for the marriage, Emperor Naruhito’s niece, the young woman, said at an official press conference held with her husband at the Grand Arc Hanzomon Hotel in Tokyo that it was three years later than expected.

Few people have seen the complicity of the two in their first public appearance Engagement announced in 2017After ending a marriage that was questioned and eclipsed by the celebrations, the couple faced the reporter with a sober attitude, some glaring and uncomfortable smiles.

Media censorship and the cruelty of the most conservative sector Japanese society aroused her problems after exposing the former princess’s mother-in-law’s financial disputes Post-traumatic stress He continued to recover from it, which marked the beginning of his marriage.

Folk wedding without ceremony

Komuro MakoFrom now on, she will be the first Japanese princess in post-war Japan to break the traditional ceremony that Japanese imperial women attend when they get married and the dowry provided when they leave the institution. And the laws governing it.

The marriage registry confirmed that the marriage registration went smoothly this Tuesday morning. Royal family, Just before Mako left the Forbidden City to bid farewell to his family.

Wearing a light blue one-piece dress, a pearl necklace and a bunch of light pink flowers, Mako paid tribute to his parents, Crown Prince Fumhito and Noriko many times., The appearance of seeing her husband before leaving.

During the day, in the absence of a festive atmosphere, the most affectionate gesture I saw was a hug from my sister Jiazi. She smiled and said goodbye, and patted him on the back.

“My sister has always been and will always be very important to me. We have had a great time together. In many cases, her intimacy has helped me a lot. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I also thank Xiao Shi ,” Princess Jiazi said in a statement issued at the time. From her sister’s wedding.

I love Marco.I want to spend my life with her, And the one I love. Until now, we have been supporting each other in happy moments and those when there are not so many moments,” the husband Kei said in front of the TV camera while reading a statement full of mutual praise and gratitude. Support them…

“There will be tough times, but as before, we will go hand in hand,” Mako added.

New York’s future

They said that the pressure on the couple due to money disputes was the main reason they decided not to answer questions at the press conference today.They did provide written replies to several questions sent by the media before, focusing on Your link dispute.

Mako and Kei were “shocked” and “sad” at “the spread of baseless stories and false information being taken for granted”.

For many years, Japanese tabloids have been arguing about this dispute, which involves Expenses of Kei’s mother Kayo’s ex-fiance, Could have done something for this young man’s alimony and even college studies, today he reiterated his intention to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

This 30-something couple plans Move your residence to New York, Kei has been studying there and taking exams for the past three years, which will enable him to America.

They are expected to stay in Japan for a while, and Mako will process his first passport (the Japanese imperial family does not have a passport) and complete the relocation.

Regarding Mako’s plan, nothing happened. This young woman studied art and worked as a researcher at the University Museum of the University of Tokyo. In this field, the Big Apple can offer her many possibilities.


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