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On Sunday, during the Ligue 1 Classic between OM and PSG, a supporter entered the lawn of the racing circuit. According to RMC Sport, the person involved in contact with Lionel Messi is not a regular visitor to the Marseille Stadium, nor is it a subscriber of the Marseille Club.

At a core classic Sometimes disappointing in the proposed game, a streaker suddenly appeared on the court and to some extent disrupted the duel between OM and PSG in Ligue 1 on Sunday. Lionel Messi Travel around the world.

Some people first worried about the Argentine star, and then others were amused by this intruder. Additional “guards” against “La Pulga”Finally, under the care of the security of the racing track, the young man was finally evacuated by the police and accepted for questioning.

An inconsistent and undocumented individual

Contrary to what might be believed by his OM-colored banana, the streaker is not a subscriber to the stadium, or even a regular visitor to the paddock. In discussions with the police, the young man seemed inconsistent and could not explain himself in French. He is an undocumented person and does not have a fixed address in the area.

These elements may be important when OM risks losing a point in the league.exist Stay Since the trip to Angers and the incident involving its supporters, if the disciplinary committee of the LFP considers such an invasion to be similar to the invasion of SCO by Raymond Copa, then the Marseille club may be sanctioned for it.

However, OM believes it is necessary to distinguish the invasion of the site from the isolated behavior of the streaker who chased Lionel Messi on Sunday night.The leaders of Marseille also pointed out that in Angers-OM competition On September 22, a spectator entered the lawn to meet with Jorge Sampaoli. The Ange Club was not punished for this.

The League Disciplinary Committee met for the first time on Monday morning to quickly resolve the OM-PSG event in Vélodrome. The document will undergo a real study at 6 pm on Wednesday. LFP is still waiting to get all the elements (photos, videos, reports…). In order to unveil the full veil of this eventful night on the side of the classic arena, LFP’s disciplinary agency can investigate the case (for a period of two weeks) or issue an 8-day notice.

JGL with Florent Germain and Arthur Perrot


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