Strasbourg Yapaslefeaulac Christmas Market Tour

For the first time this year, I discovered the famous Strasbourg Christmas Market, which lasted until December 26th. So, what is it like to drink masked dessert wine?

There is no difference!Following Mulhouse and Basel (Ticket here), I also went to the Strasbourg Christmas Market in December. This is my first time! I took this opportunity to eat a lot of Alsatian specialties: breedele, mannele, kougelhopf, sauerkraut and pretzels! Of course don’t forget the mulled wine.

In order to avoid the crowds, I chose to explore the Strasbourg Christmas Market during the Friday is For a long time, I want to go, Since i was NancyBecause I actually moved to Grand Est!

So far, I would rather be small village Alsatian.I admit that I was discouraged in 2018 After the attack. After this tragedy, the heart is no longer at the party. Then, in 2020, due to the pandemic, these Christmas markets were not held. This is another missed event! In 2021, the time for revenge has arrived.

Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas

So, in 2021, I will not let myself be discouraged! Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, I want to explore the market in this city, which claims to be the capital of Christmas-this title is a bit exaggerated, no ;)! But this is a tradition for centuries, so they have the right to brag about it. In fact, Christkindelsmärik or “Baby Jesus Market” is the Alsatian dialect for the traditional Christmas market in Strasbourg, which has existed since 1570.According to the event website, it is one of the oldest markets in Europe and It has long been the only one in France (click to view history lesson). In the past, St. Nicholas was famous and had its market.

I am happy to find This friendly and festive event, Which really extends to the pedestrian street on the island of Strasbourg. The decoration is neat and tidy, there are various stalls, from artisans to Christmas decorations, including everything we dream of this season.

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